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Monday, August 23, 2010

Morning Quickie... ^-^

Just a quick pop in to say "Hi!" and that I'll be back later... for a post or two... There's an award to be shared (fun, fun!) and pictures to be posted of the magic & awesomeness that came in my box from New Orleans, one of the most magical places on Earth! =D

Right now, however, I'm about to get back to my cleaning... My place is a bit... um... messy. o_O

The koffee's on & Damh the Bard is spinning tales from my speakers, so I'm off to make my house look less like a natural disaster area & more like a place where two women & three cats reside (oh wait, I said less like a natural disaster area... XD)

See y'all soon! ^-^


  1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by Gypsea Tree. Fellow Pacific Northwesterner here! Most happy to meet you and look forward to reading here as well. I'm fascinated by New Orleans so I'm most curious about your package. haha. Hope you have a lovely sunny day!

  2. Forget the cleaning- grab a cup of tea, sit back and relax! The mess will still be there tomorrow, that's my motto :) Looking forward to seeing the pictures and glad you liked your award!
    Roisin x


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