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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Morning Koffee...

Yup... I'm sitting here, sipping koffee & typing. Ah, bliss...

I started felting pumpkins this morning after I got home from work. Yes, I found the felting needles! Yay! =D

Where, you may ask???

Well, I looked in the drawer I usually put them in &...


yup... there they were. Just sitting there, right where they were supposed to be... o_O
Now who put them away in the proper place???


Anywho. I've begun felting pumpkins, and I'm happier than a pig in mud. ^-^

I suppose I should have ingested something a little... less caffeinated... perhaps, as I intend to go to bed now that I've cooked & eaten breakfast, but oh well... I only had one little cup... ^-^

I suppose I really ought to get to bed now... I've got belly dancing this evening & then work again tonight.

Ooooo... Since Britt's off on a hike with one of her friends, I get the whole bed to myself... Mmmmm... I sense a ginormous flop & stretch coming on...

Nighty night!


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  1. Your blog reminds me of the stone malachite, love your blogs and comments. I put a curse on a scammer via email today, and sent them a ransom email to remove the curse. Now when anything happens in the near future maybe they will think twice about scamming. It's a funny ransom note and it's on my blog today :D and how was your Saturday the 14th day after Friday the 13th? I'll visit again soon!


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