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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mmmmm... Brownies... ^-^

Mmmmm... Brownies... So. Tasty. ^-^

And now that dessert's finished, I'm baking fish for dinner. Yay! I'm about to get up & go boil some cauliflower so I can make mashed cauliflower, but thought I'd pop by here first. ^-^

I'm feeling decidedly less pessimistic than last night... which is good. I don't know how much despair I deal with if I can't bring myself back up out of it... Anywho...

Back to work tonight & the five nights after... but then a week off again! I love my schedule... ^-^

I can feel the Autumn in the air! I love the Summer, don't get me wrong, but I love Fall... So very, very much! ^-^

It rained a bit today, which it hasn't for a while, but since it was daylight, there was no naked dancing... sigh...

Still working on the purse I'm crocheting... and I bought yarn the other day for the one I'm going to make for my mom. I'm excited... =D

I've been feeling the desire to spin again, so I'm brining my spindle to work with me tonight... I can't wait until I can get a spinning wheel! ^-^

Britt's been kinda down today, but I think the brownies are working their magic... ^_~ Brownies imbued with love & happiness... you just can't go wrong!

Well then... I'd better get to the cauliflower if I'm going to mash it... Perhaps I'll be in later tonight though. Have a good night my lovelies! ^-^


omg... cooking cauliflower = stinky... @_@

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  1. Mmmm...brownies :) You've made me hungry! Glad to hear your feeling perkier today. Such is the way of life, up one minute down the next. You've just gotta ride the waves missus!


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