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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Aurora seeking...

Heading out to the county to see if we can see the Aurora Borealis tonight with Heather & Britt. Have I ever mentioned how much I love mobile posting? =D

Update... 0251
Um, I think we may have seen a bit of the lights, but then again it may have just been the Lynden/Sumas city lights... o_O

Had a nice time driving around with Heather, Britt & Crystal though.

We parked a few times on deserted country roads & spread our blankets beneath the velvety black sky. We met up with Grace on the outskirts of Lynden to see if we could see the lights better.

I watched the moon come up, a glorious, bloody-red sickle in the sky. Watched her rise higher & higher, til she shone down on us from above, bathing us in dark golden beams.

I gazed at stars I usually can't see due to the city lights, and loved every minute we were outside. Why don't I do this stuff more often? I think I shall have to start...

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  1. And again, more fantastic imagery! I haven't seen the moon in weeks either! And as for the northern lights, I haven't seen them in years. When only get them every so often here, but when we do it's spectacular. I live by an inlet of the ocean surrounded by hills and mountains and the sight of the aurora above all that is breathtaking. The last time I actually seen it was the night my fiance and I first moved in together. That six years ago now, oh my!


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