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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Daydreams, koffee & rambles...

Mmmmmm... Lazy Summer days, dreaming of Autumn... ^-^

I'm glad for the sun & the warmth, though, so that my tiny little veggies can get bigger. I think they need a bit more sunshine before the crisp Autumn air arrives... but I'm still impatient. ^_~

I was daydreaming today about sweatshirts & flannel shirts, scarves & gloves. Of pumpkins & brightly colored leaves. Of the chilling wind that whistles through the newly naked trees... Of cider & hot cocoa with mint. Of pies & breads, stews & soups.

Ah what lovely daydreams I had! ^-^

But back to the present (for now...)

*quick intermission in which I run to the store for creamer...*

Aaaaand I'm back! Got sugar free vanilla for my honey & Italian Almond Cream & Peppermint Mocha for moi. ^-^

Sipping koffee now, and just being generally happy.

Ah yes. I should probably mention why I go back & forth between "coffee" & "koffee".
Well! It goes way back to high school, before the missus & I were an "us"... We were taking Japanese classes at the community college with three of our friends. My younger brother & his friends had jokingly all aligned themselves with various mafias from around the globe. We thought this was a fantastically fun game, so we took it a step further & created our very own mafia... the coffee mafia, which when written in katakana roughly translates, when written in Roman characters, into "Koohii maahii".

SO! When I'm out drinking coffee or at someone's house drinking coffee, it's "coffee". When either Britt or I make it at home (or where ever), it's "koffee". That & we make ours about triple (at least) the strength most people do. ^-^

If you can't tell, I'm in a kind of rambling mood today... this is more like a stream of consciousness post, there's no real point here. ^_~

Yesterday I got some wonderful roving from Northwest Yarns with the intention of making some more felted pumpkins... only I can't find my felting needles. -_-# If anyone has any ideas as to where I put them (or where my cats hid the pack of them...), Please let me know...

I also got not one, but TWO packages in the mail today! Huzzah!!! I got my ear tunnels that I ordered & my Veronica Varlow t-shirt, which is my new goal shirt. I figure by the next 20 lbs I lose (I've lost 22 already!) it'll fit like a glove! Sexiness! =D

Yeesh... I'm just in such a good mood, I can't stand it! =P

That is one of my goals for when I go back to work (tonight...). I want to keep these feelings of happiness, joy, contentment & peace with me as I get done with my vacation. I've had such a wonderful three weeks off, I'm almost scared to go back to the place that so easily triggers negativity. But I'm determined! Determined not to fall back into old ruts, old behaviors & old feelings of anger, resentment & general negativity. So there. Ha! ^-^

I'm going to let my office be a place of peacefulness & serenity. It will be good. ^-^

I suppose I've typed y'alls ears off enough for the moment... so I'm off to take a gander at Knickertwist's re-vamped site! Come with me, won't you? =D
She's got some supremely awesome stuff over in her neck of the woods. It's totally worth the trip! ^-^

Here's to hoping everyone has a most wonderful rest of their evening & night. ^-^


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  1. i like my coffee strong enough that the spoon stands up in it...

    oh, and good luck with going back to work - i know exactly how you feel. it seems that every job i've ever had has sucked the life out of me. but, it's important to remember that your job is not who you are - nor does it define you. it's hard to keep that in mind when we're working, but it's true. glad you had such a great vacation.


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