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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Carmen passed on about four hours ago. I found out about two hours ago at the nightly bed meeting, when the MCU charge nurse mentioned that she had two deceased patients on her floor. Afterward, I asked if one of them was Carmen & she said yes. She was rather upset that she'd been the one to tell me, as none of the other family had the presence of mind to let either Britt or myself know. I told her not to worry, as we'd been expecting it.
We went to see her after work yesterday morning. By that time, she'd thankfully been hooked up the morphine drip & wasn't in nearly as much pain. She also wasn't awake, but her eyes opened when I gave her forehead a kiss before we left.
I told her to rest & that I'd be back tonight, as I'd planned on sitting with her on my lunch break to keep her company. I thought perhaps I'd read to her a bit. I didn't get the chance, but I'm happy for her to be out of pain. I'm thankful she went quickly and quietly. It is a blessing.


  1. It is a blessing indeed. I have the Pagan Book of Living and Dying if you want me to look up anything for you. Love to you and Britt. *hugs*

  2. i'm so sorry to hear this. i was just reading your update last night. hugs to you and britt.

  3. A blessing that her pain is ended, although I am sorry for your and Britt's loss. Sending you both love and strength from across the country. *hugs*

  4. So sorry to hear this Analee. My thoughts are with you and Britt. May you take comfort in the peace that Carmen now basks in.
    Roisin x


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