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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

What a lovely day that I spent sleeping... Sigh. It's the only down side to working night shift... I have to sleep during the beautiful days! Oh well. Tonight is my last night on before my seven off. YAY!!! Tomorrow and/or the next day we're going to go up to the lake & jump off the train tracks there (into said lake...) No, they're no longer in use... Fear not, we'll not be squished.

I did quite a bit on my first page for Journaling in July, and I'm rather pleased with how it turned out. ^-^ I'm almost finished & will hopefully be able to post a pic tomorrow. I did finish my clock, but currently have no idea where my camera is... so it will have to wait until tomorrow as well.

I'm resisting the urge to take my art journal to work & work on it there, as I have a math test tomorrow I need to do the review for. Sigh...

Made a quick dinner of chicken & rice... wishing I hadn't had to turn the stove on... it was warm enough in here before! Luckily, the chicken cooked quickly & the rice cooker doesn't emit that much heat.

Have I mentioned that I love the heat of Summer? YES! I do. Britt isn't such a fan and is melting in bed... poor thing... =P

Alrighty then... I better go find some clothes to wear to work, as pj pants & a tank top simply will not cut it... XD

Hope y'all had a wonderful day & are having a great night! ^-^

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