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Saturday, July 10, 2010


I feel like such an idiot... omg, I just might keel right over... -___- #

So my online psychology class started last Tuesday. I was having a fit because I wouldn't have money until Friday to purchase my book & online access code, only to go to the school Friday morning & find the bookstore closed. Insert fit here & it's now Saturday... I had the bright idea to try & log in without buying the book, only to find that I've had fucking access all damn week & don't need to buy a book at all. @_@

Now why the HELL didn't I try this on Tuesday??? I could have had my first assignment in on time (gods forbid...) and not stressed about it.


Gah... I am my own worst enemy sometimes. GAH!

I'm off to go pick up something for dinner & then do my homework that's due Monday NOW. *facepalmfacepalm*


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