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Monday, July 05, 2010

Two Things...

First of all, if you've never been enchanted by the magic & wonder created by Knickertwist, go RIGHT NOW and see for yourself... If you want to visit her website, go here.

There's all sorts of wondrous fun to be found... And please make sure you check out her Guild of Fairy Godmothers ... You will certainly want one of your very own. ^-^

And second of all!

Abi Monroe is having a fundraiser for Rescue the Animals SPCA. One can purchase a raffle ticket for $2.00 on her blog or her etsy. Check it out, because the winner will receive one of two awesome dolls & their carousel horse! Clickety HERE for pics...

Well then, go look at some magic, be inspired to create some of your very own & buy a ticket or two (or ten!) to help our furry siblings. ^-^

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  1. Awww, thanks for the shout out :) I really appreciate it. Cheers!


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