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Monday, July 05, 2010

Tick... Tock...

Woohoo, my dearies, it's another beautiful day! I fortunately woke up suddenly from a dead sleep, thinking, "Oh SHIT! Today's the 5th & I need to go pay rent!!!"


Yes, I've had the silly money order since June 25th... Yes, I'm a bit scatterbrained... yes, I got my rent paid, and yes, *facepalm*


It was so nice out, that I just couldn't go back to bed! I'd slept long enough anyways, so it was kind of a moot point...

After tending to my happy little garden, dancing around because my tomatoes have tiny, green fruit on them & contemplating harvesting some mint (which I didn't...), I came back inside to work on & hopefully finish a project I've had in the works for about a year and a half...

My clock! I found a really snazzy clock by the dumpster of my old apartment, so I took it home, cleaned it up, painted it, & promptly neglected it. Part of the problem was that I'd planned to use old keys in place of the numbers on the clock face, but I never got around to buying any.

I rectified this problem about a month or so ago, am now in possession of a large assortment of keys (thank you, ebay...), and now have no excuse not to finish my clock. ^-^

I'm waiting for the bit of paint I added to dry, then I'll glue on the keys. I want to add some more stuff to it in the future, but I'm not quite sure what. At least with the keys on, I'll be able to hang it up & get it off the ribbon tub on the floor... This will make Britt happy, which makes me happy. ^-^

So! Off to do some laundry while the paint finishes drying, and hopefully I'll get to post some pics of it either tonight or tomorrow!


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