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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nap time, but first a quicky...

Yup, it's nap time... until 0500 when I'll get up to finish my math homework. Meh...

In other news, I think I know where I left the camera... In the car... after Mayhem Fest, I don't think the poor thing ever made it back into the house. So! As soon as the sun's up, I'm off to search my car & rescue my poor camera from whatever horrors it's been enduring.

So!!! This means I'll be able to post my pictures!!! YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!

This is even better, as I made another page in my journal this evening... Yes, if you must know, I was supposed to be doing my math homework. But my muse kept poking me in the back of the head (which is really irritating after a while...), so I just had to stop & do what she wanted...

You understand, right???



Hopefully the camera is in the car so I can post my long in coming pics.

Alrighty then... off to bed for a nap that will hopefully kick this headache in the ass (so to speak...) and then to homework, tests & reading my Ebola research... and just maybe I'll get some swimming & paper writing worked in there later today too... Hmmmm...

Nighty night to all y'all out there in the ether... Hope you have sweet dreams... or at least really strange ones. ^-^


  1. Hey, thanks for visiting me! Hope you find your camera...I'm still looking for a couple pair of glasses and some other things that I KNOW are in my car, and though I've thoroughly searched it, the mystery remains!

  2. Haha..thanks so much for stopping by this late evening...well late over here. :) I am adding you to my blogroll on both Vintage and Marmalade so I can see when you update! Thanks for saying my arm isn't fat. You have made me feel 90% better already. Hehe! Nighty night! :)


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