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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Insomnia Apparent...

So I can't sleep... still. I was so tired this morning, so I went to bed right after I got home from work, as I had to be up & to school by 1300, by 1200 if I wanted to finish the HUGE packet of homework I found out today isn't due until Wednesday... oops... O_o;

Anywho... It took me forever to doze off this morning... then I couldn't stay asleep... sigh. So all in all, I've slept for three hours. I got home from school at about 1600 today, and had to go soak in a tub of wonderfully hot water, as I'm rather sore... everywhere. Damn being overweight, out of shape & trying to fix it! Lolz... ^_~

In explanation, I rode my bike to work last night... the seat wasn't all the way attached, though, so it was an... interesting... experience. -_-;

Also, the gears are all hinky, so I need to poke at it some more.

Anywho. I got home from school, took a wonderful bath, and then couldn't sleep... again. So I decided to make soup. It should be done in about 30-ish minutes I think... And then I'll try to sleep again.

On the bright side, I don't have school until Tuesday, so I can sleep on my lunch break tonight if need be, and do homework tomorrow. ^-^

In other news, Journaling in July has officially begun! Perhaps I'll do my first page to the theme of sleep... or the lack there of? Hmmmm... ^-^

Alrighty... no need to wait for the soup... It's finished! And oh-so-tasty... Mmmmmm... ^-^

I'm off to bed, my lovelies, but I'll be back tonight to visit tea parties and such! Nighty night!


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