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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I FOUND IT!!! =D (pic heavy!!!)

That's right my lovelies... I have found my camera!!! YAY!!! So, as promised, here's the pics of my journal pages so far... The first page has the date I originally started it... back in November of last year... The only page I did before JIJ began, however, aside from the first page is the sunshine page... All the others I've done this month! Whew!

Well then, without further ado, and begging your pardons for my lack of picture taking ability, HERE WE GO!!! =D

The opening page, begun what feels like ages ago...

My first page! I was kind of playing around with my Prismacolor pencils, and here's what popped out. ^-^

And now for the official Journaling in July pages! I'm so excited to finally be able to share these with y'all! =D

This page has Azathoth by H.P. Lovecraft as the text in the back ground. Azathoth is one of my very favorite pieces written by Lovecraft. If you've never read it, look it up. You can find many copies of it free online. ^-^

Some close-ups of my "Streams of violet midnight" & "Red camalates", which in the version I printed off line for this read, "camalotes", ergo the shape of the flowers. Whatever. I like them & am really proud of how this turned out. ^-^

Oh yes, I used watercolor pencils for this one.

I ran across this quote in Chuck Palahniuk's book Diary. It's by Plato. It was one of those moments where something seems so profound, you just sit there & stare at the page, reading it over & over again...
I used metallic gold acrylic paint to brush over the shredded 19th century hymnal pages.

This page is also a bit Lovecraftian... ^-^
It has bits taken from Beyond the Wall of Sleep, Polaris, The Call of Cthulhu & Ex Oblivione written all over it. Yes, I am in love with H.P. Lovecraft. I can't help it... ^-^

The phrase on this page came whilst I was unable to sleep the other night...

Once again I used Prismacolor pencils... I loves them... ^-^
And cut outs from my Deviant Moon tarot card box.

And last but not least, I did this one last night... Obviously when I couldn't find my camera.
Acrylics & magazine snippings... ^-^

Alrighty then folks, that's all for now! I wanted to post some pics of my garden, but those will have to wait for another day (or night, most likely...)

Hope all y'all who're sleeping are having the very best of strange/creepy dreams, and that all of you who're awake are having a just lovely night!

I'm off to snuggle my honey & then do some more ebola research... Snuggles come first however... Can't let the missus feel neglected! ^_~



  1. Ah, another Lovecraftian crazy. I can't get enough Cthulhu at any given time. ;)

    Your pages are each so unique from one another and I love all of the different techniques you've used. The golden page with the Plato quote is particularly stunning.

    Completely unrelated, have you finished Diary? It's one of my favorite books. :)

  2. love love love the gold page and the one with the tarot card image! veeerrry coooool!!

    thanks for the positive vibes regarding le pixie sticks! sometimes you think you've got a good idea, then you bring it into the realm of being, and you start to think " what was i thinking"? but, maybe they will work...

    hope you had a good night!

  3. This is my favourite post of yours to date! So much to take in! I absolutely LOVE your pages, and look how many there are! You've certainly been a busy bee :) Keep up the good work!

  4. hey annalee,
    i'd love to send you a pixie stick (perhaps a dia de los muertos one? )... if you feel comfortable sending me your address, i'll get one in the mail to you when i get back from vacay!


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