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Monday, July 26, 2010

Cleaning House...

Yup... getting everything back in order. Whew! My honey is out for a walk, I'm taking a moment to pop by & say howdy!

I still can't find my camera! It's horrible... I've finished two pages in my art journal & had several pics of my garden I wanted to post, but the silly thing is no where to be found! Agh! TT____TT

Anywho... Math exam & Psychology exam tomorrow... Have to work on my research paper (it's on Ebola!) and still a chunk of math homework to finish tonight... @_@


My soon-to-be-a-doll parts are sitting forlornly on my table, just waiting to have something done with them... I'm just not sure what, exactly... sigh...

Well then... back to finishing the dishes & wiping down the counters... Time to put on the Dan Fogelberg, 'cause I feel like singin'! =D

Hope everyone's having a good night!


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  1. I feel lost if I can't find my camera so I'll keep my fingers crossed you find yours quick as can be. Hope you did well on your exams! :)


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