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Monday, July 19, 2010

Braaaaaaaaaiiin Death...

Omg... My poor little math brain is in pain... She took a test today, and although she was able to take in a page of note, it seems that she wrote down everything that wasn't on the test... Hmph... silly little sleep deprived brain...

Oh well... I think my poor little brain passed her test (she may not have aced it, but I'm pretty sure she passed it), so now she can focus on finishing her psych test by tomorrow night. Yay!

And perhaps, just perhaps, she'll let me work on my next doll for a bit this afternoon... Yay! ^-^

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  1. LOL...I remember those days! HOpe all your test are over for awhile...did you start or did your brain let you work on your doll? Have a great week...and don't study tooooo hard...your dolls need you!


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