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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Return of the Shimmy Bats! ^-^

Almost time to go to belly dancing class! Yay!!! Britt's coming too (or rather, I'm going with her?)... doesn't matter. We're both going this evening & I'm excited.

In other happy news, I've lost about 20 lbs in the past three - four weeks, and my body feels amazing! =D

It's easier for me to move about (perhaps why I find myself dancing around my apartment more often?) and although my knees still bother me a bit, even they're feeling better than they have in months. My clothes fit me better and I once again have definition in my face. W00t.

We're heading to the gym later tonight, probably about 2330 for some cardio & weights. I have a ridiculous love for the gym, even though it's almost impossible to get me out of the house sometimes... meh...

Well then... My cat is begging to go out on the porch & I feel like dancing some more, so I'm off to go play outside in the sun!

Hope everyone is having a most marvelous day! ^-^


The stars are out & the moon is bright!

Mmmmm... Sitting out here on my porch, surrounded by my plants with the starlight shinning down on me... it doesn't get better than this.

I've been thinking all day (for the past few days really) about things I'm excited for in the future. I've been contemplating turning our not as sunny side of our porch into a green house for tomatoes & such. They seem to be doing ok this year, but I think they'd be even better in a green house... Hmmm... I'm going to have to do some 'How to build yourself a greenhouse' research... ^-^

I've been thinking about nursing school too, and worrying about having to conform to their standards of dress, hair & basic lack of anything individuating me from anyone else. I've gotten better at this due to my current job, but it still makes me incredibly unhappy to have to try & fit myself into someone else's mold. I'll do it for two years, however, in order to give myself & Britt a better life & better security. It's only two years... I can do anything for two years... right?

Sitting out here surrounded by such lovely plants, I can't worry too much at the moment. It's so nice, albeit a bit chilly, but I'm not complaining. ^-^

I'm nervous about my parents coming to visit this weekend. I know we'll have fun & I'm excited to see them, but still nervous. Which brings me to a close here, because I really need to get inside & clean some more... I took a wee break to come out & enjoy the night air, but the dishes aren't going to do themselves (wouldn't that be nice???) and my living room still looks like a tornado dumped crafting stuff all over the place. Ok, it's not that bad, but still needs a bit of picking up. ^-^

Hoping everyone is having a wonderful night & I hope the morning is sunny & warm! ^-^


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I FOUND IT!!! =D (pic heavy!!!)

That's right my lovelies... I have found my camera!!! YAY!!! So, as promised, here's the pics of my journal pages so far... The first page has the date I originally started it... back in November of last year... The only page I did before JIJ began, however, aside from the first page is the sunshine page... All the others I've done this month! Whew!

Well then, without further ado, and begging your pardons for my lack of picture taking ability, HERE WE GO!!! =D

The opening page, begun what feels like ages ago...

My first page! I was kind of playing around with my Prismacolor pencils, and here's what popped out. ^-^

And now for the official Journaling in July pages! I'm so excited to finally be able to share these with y'all! =D

This page has Azathoth by H.P. Lovecraft as the text in the back ground. Azathoth is one of my very favorite pieces written by Lovecraft. If you've never read it, look it up. You can find many copies of it free online. ^-^

Some close-ups of my "Streams of violet midnight" & "Red camalates", which in the version I printed off line for this read, "camalotes", ergo the shape of the flowers. Whatever. I like them & am really proud of how this turned out. ^-^

Oh yes, I used watercolor pencils for this one.

I ran across this quote in Chuck Palahniuk's book Diary. It's by Plato. It was one of those moments where something seems so profound, you just sit there & stare at the page, reading it over & over again...
I used metallic gold acrylic paint to brush over the shredded 19th century hymnal pages.

This page is also a bit Lovecraftian... ^-^
It has bits taken from Beyond the Wall of Sleep, Polaris, The Call of Cthulhu & Ex Oblivione written all over it. Yes, I am in love with H.P. Lovecraft. I can't help it... ^-^

The phrase on this page came whilst I was unable to sleep the other night...

Once again I used Prismacolor pencils... I loves them... ^-^
And cut outs from my Deviant Moon tarot card box.

And last but not least, I did this one last night... Obviously when I couldn't find my camera.
Acrylics & magazine snippings... ^-^

Alrighty then folks, that's all for now! I wanted to post some pics of my garden, but those will have to wait for another day (or night, most likely...)

Hope all y'all who're sleeping are having the very best of strange/creepy dreams, and that all of you who're awake are having a just lovely night!

I'm off to snuggle my honey & then do some more ebola research... Snuggles come first however... Can't let the missus feel neglected! ^_~


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nap time, but first a quicky...

Yup, it's nap time... until 0500 when I'll get up to finish my math homework. Meh...

In other news, I think I know where I left the camera... In the car... after Mayhem Fest, I don't think the poor thing ever made it back into the house. So! As soon as the sun's up, I'm off to search my car & rescue my poor camera from whatever horrors it's been enduring.

So!!! This means I'll be able to post my pictures!!! YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!

This is even better, as I made another page in my journal this evening... Yes, if you must know, I was supposed to be doing my math homework. But my muse kept poking me in the back of the head (which is really irritating after a while...), so I just had to stop & do what she wanted...

You understand, right???



Hopefully the camera is in the car so I can post my long in coming pics.

Alrighty then... off to bed for a nap that will hopefully kick this headache in the ass (so to speak...) and then to homework, tests & reading my Ebola research... and just maybe I'll get some swimming & paper writing worked in there later today too... Hmmmm...

Nighty night to all y'all out there in the ether... Hope you have sweet dreams... or at least really strange ones. ^-^

Monday, July 26, 2010

Cleaning House...

Yup... getting everything back in order. Whew! My honey is out for a walk, I'm taking a moment to pop by & say howdy!

I still can't find my camera! It's horrible... I've finished two pages in my art journal & had several pics of my garden I wanted to post, but the silly thing is no where to be found! Agh! TT____TT

Anywho... Math exam & Psychology exam tomorrow... Have to work on my research paper (it's on Ebola!) and still a chunk of math homework to finish tonight... @_@


My soon-to-be-a-doll parts are sitting forlornly on my table, just waiting to have something done with them... I'm just not sure what, exactly... sigh...

Well then... back to finishing the dishes & wiping down the counters... Time to put on the Dan Fogelberg, 'cause I feel like singin'! =D

Hope everyone's having a good night!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Insomnia Strikes Again! @_@

Yup... Since I have three weeks off (yay!!!), Britt & I are trying to give ourselves more "normal" hours... And usually I have no issue with this. Apparently tonight I do? Meh... So yes... We went to bed about midnight, and I've so far woken up every 90 minutes... I'm having trouble staying asleep through more than one cycle... how irritating... So I'm up, typing & cooking a bit of chicken to put into my salad... Perhaps a full tummy will help...
If we had any milk, I'd drink some for whatever chemical is in it that makes you feel sleepy... (Thank you, Psychology class, for why I know this... o_O)

I think perhaps I'll stay up for a bit & poke at the bits that are going to be a doll... I went to the ReStore a couple weeks ago & picked up some odds & ends to construct a doll from... and haven't yet.

In other news, I've finished my journal page a few days ago, but can't find my camera, hence no pics... -____-#
As soon as I find where the camera is hiding, I shall post some pics I've been meaning to for a while.

Alrighty... the chicken is finished, methinks, so I'm off to eat salad & either poke at my doll or perhaps an art journal page... Nighty night! (hopefully...)


Monday, July 19, 2010

Braaaaaaaaaiiin Death...

Omg... My poor little math brain is in pain... She took a test today, and although she was able to take in a page of note, it seems that she wrote down everything that wasn't on the test... Hmph... silly little sleep deprived brain...

Oh well... I think my poor little brain passed her test (she may not have aced it, but I'm pretty sure she passed it), so now she can focus on finishing her psych test by tomorrow night. Yay!

And perhaps, just perhaps, she'll let me work on my next doll for a bit this afternoon... Yay! ^-^

Sunday, July 18, 2010


So I think that today is going to be a "Take care of myself" day... I know one needs to take care of themselves every day, however, I feel that sometimes a special day is needed. Today is going to be one of those days.

Britt & I are going to go for a walk this morning after work. I then fully intend on taking a nice, long, HOT bath, re-painting my nails, cooking breakfast, doing some homework, doing some housework, watering my plants & just generally taking it easy. Doing homework & housework may not sound relaxing, and they in & of themselves aren't always... however! Doing both these things helps keep my stress levels waaaaay down. When my house is a mess, I am a mess... and currently things are very messy... oops... ^-^

I've quite a bit of homework to do. I've been doing a pretty good job of keeping up with things, but as Summer quarter is about three weeks shorter than the others, there's more homework in less time... More tests too... bleh... I'm studying for my math test which is tomorrow, finishing my psychology assignment due tomorrow night & working on my psychology test that's due Tuesday night. I'd like to get the first two things done today so all I have Monday & Tuesday are to finish my psych test which is due by 2300.

I suppose I also ought to sleep at some point today... ^-^

Anywho... That's what I'd like to do today, and if I have time, I'd like to work on my art journal a bit... I only have to finish the border & my first page will be complete! I'm beginning to think I have issues with completing things... o_O; We'll see what the day brings...

Hope everyone has a lovely day! ^-^

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Insert rambling, rant HERE... I've been avoiding my blog the past few days, but I miss it & need to get this off my chest...

Meh... I haven't been feeling myself lately. I haven't felt like making/doing anything really, and I feel kind of lost. I badly want to finish school (which has been consuming a good portion of my time as of late), but I don't like that it takes up my time... Ha. Go figure. I keep telling myself that I can do anything, give up anything for just a few weeks, just a few months, just two years... But I'm finding it difficult. I don't like having to re-adjust my sleeping patterns to accomodate going to class... I hate it that in order to attend my belly dancing classes (which I love...), I hardly sleep on Thursdays because I have school as well. And I'm only in two classes this quarter...

-___- #

I hate that I have such a hard time balancing things. Between school, work & me-time & Britt-&-me time, something always seems to suffer... mostly the me-time & Britt-&-me time. Or the sleepy time. That always takes kind of a hit too...
I'm having trouble balancing out my life again, and I hate it. HATE IT...

I currently have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do about this, aside from the obvious "try & fix things" approach (although I have no idea how... o_O)...
I do feel at least a wee bit better for getting this out, even though this isn't generally what I like to use my blog for... I prefer it to be a happier, or at least a more positve environment, even though I'm certainly not always a happy person.

Anywho... I've bitched & whined enough now, I've said my piece & I'm ok with it. So now back to figuring out how to fix the things I'm unhappy with. Because really, why complain about things I'm unwilling to fix? Precisely. ^-^

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

At Mayhem Fest with Britt... Omfgr... Awesome... Five Finger Death Punch just finished, next is Lamb of god, Rob Zombie & then Korn... My life is oh so good...

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I feel like such an idiot... omg, I just might keel right over... -___- #

So my online psychology class started last Tuesday. I was having a fit because I wouldn't have money until Friday to purchase my book & online access code, only to go to the school Friday morning & find the bookstore closed. Insert fit here & it's now Saturday... I had the bright idea to try & log in without buying the book, only to find that I've had fucking access all damn week & don't need to buy a book at all. @_@

Now why the HELL didn't I try this on Tuesday??? I could have had my first assignment in on time (gods forbid...) and not stressed about it.


Gah... I am my own worst enemy sometimes. GAH!

I'm off to go pick up something for dinner & then do my homework that's due Monday NOW. *facepalmfacepalm*


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

What a lovely day that I spent sleeping... Sigh. It's the only down side to working night shift... I have to sleep during the beautiful days! Oh well. Tonight is my last night on before my seven off. YAY!!! Tomorrow and/or the next day we're going to go up to the lake & jump off the train tracks there (into said lake...) No, they're no longer in use... Fear not, we'll not be squished.

I did quite a bit on my first page for Journaling in July, and I'm rather pleased with how it turned out. ^-^ I'm almost finished & will hopefully be able to post a pic tomorrow. I did finish my clock, but currently have no idea where my camera is... so it will have to wait until tomorrow as well.

I'm resisting the urge to take my art journal to work & work on it there, as I have a math test tomorrow I need to do the review for. Sigh...

Made a quick dinner of chicken & rice... wishing I hadn't had to turn the stove on... it was warm enough in here before! Luckily, the chicken cooked quickly & the rice cooker doesn't emit that much heat.

Have I mentioned that I love the heat of Summer? YES! I do. Britt isn't such a fan and is melting in bed... poor thing... =P

Alrighty then... I better go find some clothes to wear to work, as pj pants & a tank top simply will not cut it... XD

Hope y'all had a wonderful day & are having a great night! ^-^

I'm in love with a dead artist...

...Frida Kahlo, quite probably my favorite artist.

Today is her birthday... Google her, look at some of her art. Love it. Hate it. Appreciate it. See it with open eyes & mind.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Two Things...

First of all, if you've never been enchanted by the magic & wonder created by Knickertwist, go RIGHT NOW and see for yourself... If you want to visit her website, go here.

There's all sorts of wondrous fun to be found... And please make sure you check out her Guild of Fairy Godmothers ... You will certainly want one of your very own. ^-^

And second of all!

Abi Monroe is having a fundraiser for Rescue the Animals SPCA. One can purchase a raffle ticket for $2.00 on her blog or her etsy. Check it out, because the winner will receive one of two awesome dolls & their carousel horse! Clickety HERE for pics...

Well then, go look at some magic, be inspired to create some of your very own & buy a ticket or two (or ten!) to help our furry siblings. ^-^

Tick... Tock...

Woohoo, my dearies, it's another beautiful day! I fortunately woke up suddenly from a dead sleep, thinking, "Oh SHIT! Today's the 5th & I need to go pay rent!!!"


Yes, I've had the silly money order since June 25th... Yes, I'm a bit scatterbrained... yes, I got my rent paid, and yes, *facepalm*


It was so nice out, that I just couldn't go back to bed! I'd slept long enough anyways, so it was kind of a moot point...

After tending to my happy little garden, dancing around because my tomatoes have tiny, green fruit on them & contemplating harvesting some mint (which I didn't...), I came back inside to work on & hopefully finish a project I've had in the works for about a year and a half...

My clock! I found a really snazzy clock by the dumpster of my old apartment, so I took it home, cleaned it up, painted it, & promptly neglected it. Part of the problem was that I'd planned to use old keys in place of the numbers on the clock face, but I never got around to buying any.

I rectified this problem about a month or so ago, am now in possession of a large assortment of keys (thank you, ebay...), and now have no excuse not to finish my clock. ^-^

I'm waiting for the bit of paint I added to dry, then I'll glue on the keys. I want to add some more stuff to it in the future, but I'm not quite sure what. At least with the keys on, I'll be able to hang it up & get it off the ribbon tub on the floor... This will make Britt happy, which makes me happy. ^-^

So! Off to do some laundry while the paint finishes drying, and hopefully I'll get to post some pics of it either tonight or tomorrow!


Saturday, July 03, 2010


So. As I was sitting at my table this afternoon, happily watching anime, I felt suddenly possessed to go for a run.


Yes, well, that's what I thought too, so I told myself, "Perhaps later... When it's a bit cooler..." and settled back into my anime.


Yup... My little demon was back, prodding, whining & wheedling to go outside & run around Lake Padden... Something I used to be able to do. Without stopping. Yep.

So, due to this little entity in running shoes, brandishing her pitchfork, relentlessly begging to go outside, I did the only thing I could...

I dug out my running clothes, laced up my beloved (yet neglected...) running shoes & went for a run. Which turned into a brisk walk... ^-^

As I said before, I used to be able to run the 2.6 miles with no problem... as I sit now, I'm having to work my way back up from the bottom of the hill again, so to speak. I think I ran about a quarter of a mile before I stopped... lolz... I did make it all the way up that damn hill though, so I'm not going to complain too terribly much... ^-^

Sigh. It's hard for me to not dwell on the "what ifs" sometimes... It frustrates me to know that if I hadn't given up last time, I'd be in that much better shape & that much healthier now instead in worse shape & decidedly unhealthier than before.


I'm not going to let this get me down. ^-^ I'm going to keep on trucking along, because who knows? This time I may actually stick with it & meet my goals for healthiness. I'm hoping so... I'm putting all my positive energy into this time around. ^-^

And even though I'm sore & achy, I feel really good that I got my chubby buns out there & went for it. Go me! =D

Alrighty... Now I'm off to visit some tea parties before I get ready to go to work. Hope y'all are having a good night! ^-^

Friday, July 02, 2010

Face the Fire (then turn to the Sun)

I'm in love with abandoned buildings, towns, houses, etc. One of my fav blogs to visit is

He is fortunate enough to live in an area rich with old, forgotten things that are just waiting to be rediscovered.

In this same vein, I ran across This... I found it both beautiful & deeply disturbing. It's a story told in pictures (with captions from the photographers) of Chernobyl... It brings to light that so much more was lost that day than just a nuclear power plant.

It's also a reminder that, to quote Dan Fogelberg's song about Three Mile Island, we need to face the fire & turn to the sun...

No amount of power, energy, money, etc. is worth the toll that is exacted when things go awry with nuclear energy.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Insomnia Apparent...

So I can't sleep... still. I was so tired this morning, so I went to bed right after I got home from work, as I had to be up & to school by 1300, by 1200 if I wanted to finish the HUGE packet of homework I found out today isn't due until Wednesday... oops... O_o;

Anywho... It took me forever to doze off this morning... then I couldn't stay asleep... sigh. So all in all, I've slept for three hours. I got home from school at about 1600 today, and had to go soak in a tub of wonderfully hot water, as I'm rather sore... everywhere. Damn being overweight, out of shape & trying to fix it! Lolz... ^_~

In explanation, I rode my bike to work last night... the seat wasn't all the way attached, though, so it was an... interesting... experience. -_-;

Also, the gears are all hinky, so I need to poke at it some more.

Anywho. I got home from school, took a wonderful bath, and then couldn't sleep... again. So I decided to make soup. It should be done in about 30-ish minutes I think... And then I'll try to sleep again.

On the bright side, I don't have school until Tuesday, so I can sleep on my lunch break tonight if need be, and do homework tomorrow. ^-^

In other news, Journaling in July has officially begun! Perhaps I'll do my first page to the theme of sleep... or the lack there of? Hmmmm... ^-^

Alrighty... no need to wait for the soup... It's finished! And oh-so-tasty... Mmmmmm... ^-^

I'm off to bed, my lovelies, but I'll be back tonight to visit tea parties and such! Nighty night!


Maaaaaaath... blargh...

Soooo... Tired... o_O

Working on my math homework on my lunch break, and now taking a break from that... At least this math I like. ^-^ My first test is tomorrow, the fourth day of class... Yay for a quick summer quarter? Um, sure...

I'm excited that Journaling in July starts today! Yay!!! I'm really looking forward to it. ^-^

I feel so brain dead tonight, I think I may have to go get some caffeine.

Speaking of caffeine, I had coffee with Pattee the other day, and it was fun. She took me to this cute little shop on Railroad that I'd never been to before & we just sat & talked for about an hour or so. It was so nice to meet up with someone who has similar hobbies & interests! I look forward to our next coffee date. ^-^

I still haven't made it to any tea parties yet... I think that those will be tackled this weekend, when I don't have class & homework to attend/do... That way, I can take all the time in the world poking around online, enjoying all the fun everyone had. And I won't feel guilty that I'm playing around instead of doing homework (like right now... lolz...) ^_~

Alrighty. Back to the homework I suppose, but first some caffeine...