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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Well then... O_o;

Soooooo... My eval took an hour and a half... Nothing bad (apparently I'm awesome...), but still. I got home to find that Heather had returned home, Britt was passed out in bed beneath all of our dress clothes, the kitchen is an ungodly mess & there is french toast strewn about. I was, needless to say, not amused. It didn't help that I'd been looking forward to having a nice after work drink only to find that the two of them had ingested a fifth of vodka & god only knows how much everclear (no, not the top coat for your car paint... ^-~)

Anywho. I was a bit miffed, so I left again, talked to my dad about my lack of discipline in just about every aspect of my life & requested any bright ideas he might have. He told me to read Life Strategies by (I'm embarrassed to admit this...) Dr. Phil. o_o; He says it's the only decent work he's done, but it's good & applicable. So, I went to Barnes & Noble & got it... I was soooooooo embarrassed! Roflmao... Anywho.

I'm going to wrap up the meat in the fridge, make some lunch grab a soda & go sit on my porch & read. Hopefully I'll glean something to help me, because I am in need of it.

I'm not irritated with my honey or my friend anymore either. It was a gut reaction to the mess, but in the end, I'm glad that they had so much fun, and this happiness totally cancels out my former desire to smack them with the french toast pan... ^-^
Messes are clean-up-able. They are alcohol camels, but that's another thing entirely... lolz...

Alrighty! Off to meat wrapping & self improvement! And eventually, some sleep before work. My last night on!!! Yay!!!

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