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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

W00t for a Lovely Day!!!

I'm so excited to get home! Unfortunately, I have my eval after I get off, but hopefully it will go quickly. Britt & Heather have been up all night drinking & knitting (potentially dangerous combo here... alcohol & pointy sticks...), and I can't wait to get home to join them! ^-^ It's so nice outside, perhaps I'll move us onto the porch & serve breakfast? Hmmmmm... Just what those two might need... lolz...

I'm in a considerably better mood than earlier (thank the gods & goddesses...) and can't wait to go home & indulge my inner geeky crafter. Maybe I'll start on a doll. Better yet, maybe I'll finish those damn invitations... lolz... And then plot some more for the party... It's only two and a half weeks away!!!



Anywho. Gonna finish everything up so I can get to my eval early, and hopefully get home sooner! Zya!

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