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Friday, June 04, 2010

Uber Quickie (It's bed time...)

So here's my first attempt at painting something specific with my watercolors... Still getting used to them, but I'm mostly pleased. The tree is finished, but I feel like the background still needs something... I'm just not sure what... It'll come to me... I hope... ^-^

And here's two pics of my weenie kitty Lhu (full name, Cthulhu... he is aptly named...), as h
e is so adorable, I may just pop. And now off to bed, so I can be somewhat awake tonight. Nighty night! ^-^

Yes, those are my footy pajamas with stars & space ships on them, sitting on the floor to the left of Lhu's head... I love them. And the red thing is the leg of my long underwear, full body coverage complete with a butt flap. These things make me happy... ^-^

I have no idea why this is sideways... and am going to bed, so it'll have to stay that way... ^-^

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