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Saturday, June 19, 2010


Indeed! It's coming through my office window, teasing me, begging me to come outside & play. Soon... I've been scrounging around the internet all night looking for tasty treats to make for the Tea Party of Epic...ness... that will be taking place only SEVEN DAYS FROM TODAY.


Eek... there's so much to do, yet things always end up best when there's a wee bit of pressure... ^_~

I've found some fun looking (and yummy looking!) recipes for candies & cupcakes... Mmmmm... as well as a few for fudge. Grace is bringing scones & Devonshire cream & Heather is coming over to help bake/make stuff on Friday. I think I'll probably make a few finger sammiches as well... Mmmm... Cucumber sammiches... ^-^

Well then... Off to finish staffing... Happy Saturday & go outside & play in the sunshineyness!!! ^-^

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  1. Is this like an Alice in Wonderland mad tea party? I'm assuming it is. If so, you could cut the sandwiches into card suit shapes - clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades. Use icing to write "Eat Me" on cookies.


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