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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Soooo... It's a cloudy, chilly day here. Again. Summer? What? Where??? O_o

Spent a fun day with Scott bumming around Bellingham, came home to Britt cooking turkey burgers (Mmmmmmm...) and now we're getting ready to go bowling. W00t.

We're going to cook fajitas for dinner tonight, and hopefully I'll get a chance to finish up my doll... I had to stop last night as I ran out of glue... -_-; Almost finished... almost... ^-^

Alrighty then. Off to bowling! Hopefully I'll have some pics to post soon of my doll. I also felted a little pumpkin last night that I'm rather proud of, as I've never felted anything before.


  1. What you live in Bellingham!!!!!
    I live in Bellingham!!!!!

    Now why can't we get together???

    Of course you are entered in my giveaway!

  2. OK we have to get together!!!!


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