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Thursday, June 10, 2010

So this morning began with me depressed & just generally unhappy. Thanks to several people who I stalk through the blogsphere, I'm feeling oh so much better! ^-^ Thank you especially, Heather, for perking me up. You're sweet words made me smile!

I sat outside for a while this morning before plugging into the internet, watching the various birds & a few squirrels flit & jump & scamper around my porch & the two big pine trees right next to it. I love birds. They make me squeeful. I love squirrels too, but would love it if they'd stop digging up my plants... ^-^

I ate some ginger snap granola for breakfast, which was interesting as I had no milk, so used a third vanilla creamer to two thirds hot water... not great, but not horrible either. I should have used more creamer... ^-^

Drinking a pot of Earl Grey tea, thankful that tomorrow is payday, as I'm almost out... O_O

I'm going to make a spirit doll this morning. I'll post a picture of her when I'm finished. I'm excited.

I also got all my packages yesterday!!! Yay!!! I had an epic fail & sent them to myself under an online name, as I'm mildly paranoid about putting my name, address & phone number anywhere all at once on the internet, even ebay. So, when they arrived & were held at the post office due to size, I had no way to get them, as I have no photo ID with this other name on it. EPIC FAIL... -_- # Oh well. I talked to one of the Post Master's assistants & with all the stuff I'd printed off of ebay showing that I'd indeed bought & paid for the items, he was nice enough to get them for me. Whew! We'd been up for so long by this time that, had he refused to give me my packages, I probably would have cried... lolz... thankfully it didn't come to that. ^-^ I'll post some pics of the epic awesomness that came to me in the mail... the best thing all the way from China! ^____^

Alrighty. The last bit of tea in my cup is cold & demanding to have some hot tea added to it, so I'm off to replenish my cup & get to work on my doll! Have an awesome day, let friends, family & all those you love brighten your day, take a moment to enjoy some time outside & most importantly... HAVE SOME FUN!!!

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