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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sigh... Yesterday was soooooooooo lovely, and today we get... rain. Why must it always rain when we're planning on going to the Highland Games??? All I want is a meat pie... and some sun. Or at least rain free clouds? Anywho.

We were going to go for a run this morning, but Britt's falling asleep on her feet (not a good thing for running around a lake... O_o;) and everyone else doesn't seem to really want to go. So! Just Britt & I are going to go at 1900. We both need to make ourselves stop trying to force this kind of thing on others. Even if in the past they've expressed interest. We need to learn to make the offer, leave the invitation open, but not push anyone to do things they're not ready to step up & do. It's not fair to them & it's not fair to us. No one benefits & both sides end up unhappy.

Whew. Now that I've re-learned the lesson for the day, onto better things. Omg... my poor cat has the hiccups... O_O Now that's something I've never seen before... Poor kitty...

Focus. Better things. Yes! Like the tea party coming up in far too little time. I need to get my invites done today so I can mail them out tomorrow... meep... I also need to plane what goodies I'll be serving, go through my tea inventory, see what I have & what I need, and then make a shopping list.

I still need to clean my house, as that never got done yesterday, and do a million other things...

For now, though, I think I'll open some windows, let in some fresh air, put on some music & clean (and sing along with my music of course... ^-^)

Have a lovely day my darlings, and I'm sure I'll pop back in later. The phones are going down at work again tonight, so I'll have some time on my hands. Ta ta! ^-^

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