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Friday, June 04, 2010


Well then. I didn't get any watercolors worked on (bummer!) but I did get my hummingbird feeder refilled, my plants re-potted & the Cayenne pepper spread along my porch. Perhaps tomorrow I'll get a picture of it. It's rather awesome, this bright reddish orange stripe all along the railings... XD

Heather came over before work & I cooked dinner for her, Britt & myself. Rice & chicken cooked with honey & herbs... Mmmmmmm... ^-^ We then piled into her car & now the three of us are back at the hospital for another night. Oh the excitement... ^_~

I'm in a pretty good mood & have my watercolor tablet with me, so even though I can't paint at work, hopefully I'll get a few good sketches done. ^-^

I also cleaned up my kitchen a bit earlier this evening, as it was kind of (completely, really...) a mess. I did a load of dishes & a load of laundry, and have one more load of dishes to do in the morning. I'm still trying to cope with having almost no counter space, especially after being spoiled with the miles of it I had at the old place. I'm also missing having closet space... But I'm happy with our place now, and really love the location. ^-^

Anywho... There's a missed punch line to be checked, coffee to make & deliver to Britt & bed meeting to go to at 0100... So I'm off to make coffee and then finish up so I can sketch! Have a good night everybody! ^-^


  1. Well, here you are! Thanks for stopping by my little part of the bloggy world. I've read your blog. I wish you'd post some pictures of your paintings! BTW - LOVE the quote you have "When I am old..." I'm still laughing at that!! Have a great day. - Kathy

  2. Wow! You must sleep by day and work by night! What a neato blog! Thank you for visiting me. Yes! more painting pictures!


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