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Monday, June 14, 2010


I figured that while I wait for my bread dough to finish rising, I'd post a wee post. It's a glorious day! Britt's asleep, as she wasn't feeling well this morning, but the sun is out & my porch garden is squeeful.

I'm almost finished with the spirit doll I've been working on (who knew paper clay takes so long to dry??), and am waiting for the glue to dry so I can attach her hair to her head & her head to her body. Perhaps not in that order. I don't know yet.

Heather & Scott will be over later tonight, so I'm waiting to make cheese bread & cinnamon bread until then, so I can teach her how. ^-^

Alrighty. Back to my bread & my issue of SageWoman! ^-^

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  1. Humidity is h*ll on paperclay! I've heard people say you can bake it to hasten drying. With my luck I'd set fire to the whole thing! Mmmm. The bread sounds yummy


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