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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Soooooo... It takes a LOT longer to glue on doll hair than I previously anticipated... lolz... I'm still in process... Hopefully I can get her done after work (and after I go poke the school...) or perhaps after I sleep tomorrow... Hmmm... we shall see!

Hoping this headache goes away sooner rather than later, as I'm not enjoying it...

Worrying a bit about my lack of chairs for the tea party... and my lack of a proper table... Hmmmm... I think a trip to the reStore might be in order to purchase a few things...

And then the decorations! I'm doing not just a madd tea party, but a magical one as well! Lollis, faeries, monks, dolls, doormice & of course the Gypsies are all welcome! =D
Now, I can decorate however I so choose. Ideas from participants are always welcome!!!

I'm suddenly in the mood to party plan, so I'm off. Happy night everyone! ^-^

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