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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Peppers & Fairies

Taking a brief break from planting my peppers (upside down & hanging from the roof, mind you) to contemplate making cookies... I think I'll wait until this evening, when it's a bit cooler. We'll see...

Britt & Heather are on the porch playing checkers while Lhu watches from the screen door. I'd stick him in Macha's harness & let him out, but he likes to try & catch birds... which is bad because we're on the second story... O_o;

As soon as the other two peppers are planted & hung up I'm going to go through my recipes & pick out the menu for Saturday. Yay! I'm so excited... ^-^

Alrighty then... going to refill the humming bird feeder, then get those peppers transplanted.

Oh yes... I found out from Roisin that today is International Fairy Day...

So! Do something nice for the wee folk & may you have a wonderful, magic filled day! ^-^

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  1. Oooh, I'll have to leave a wee bit of cake and a spot of wine for the wee things tonight. Happy faeries make for a happy house.


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