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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Oooooo... An IDEA...

So I have an idea for a few watercolors, if I can manage it... We shall see how it things go on this end of the brush, and if all goes well, I'll post some pics along with my tree... But it all depends... I'm not terribly adept at figure drawing, but I'm going to try to do a few pics out of one of my very favorite picture books, 1000 Dessous, a kind of history of women's undergarments. Awesome book, btw...

I also think I'm going to chop up a sheet of my watercolor tablet into inchy-sized squares... I think watercolor inchies might just be right up my alley... Hmmmmm...

Alrighty then. Off for a quick little nap, then to drop Britt off at her meeting, to school to poke people so I may sign up for classes, and then... who knows?

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