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Friday, June 25, 2010

Magical, absolutely madd Tea Party Prep!!!

My particular party will commence at 1500 this afternoon (tomorrow, technically...), but I probably won't sleep before then... so it's today for me! ^-^

The baking has begun! I wanted all my stuff to be as fresh as possible, so tonight & tomorrow morning I shall bake as I've never baked before... = D

We also will be putting together our outfits & dressing our dolls sometime in the early AM... Yay!

A bit of house cleaning, a few last touch ups and finishing the decorations & hanging them up will see things almost ready.

Tonight feels especially magical... The sky is clear, the stars twinkle & wink at me from far, far above... the wind is blowing & I feel faeries peering at me & the kitties through the plants on the porch. Mayhap they'll come inside & keep me company for a bit... ^-^

Back to my cookies, but I'm sure I'll be back throughout the night! Having a riot looking at the early tea party-ers! Love & kisses my darlings!


  1. Ooo...looking forward to your tea party! See you later...

  2. Ooh! A tea party! A MAGICAL tea party! I must have one of my own. Have a delightful time :)

  3. ~*~*~*Hip hip hurray it's Tea Party Day!*~*~*~

    And here I am, too early as usual! Shall I assist in the prep? I'm a good helper and will not eat too much before the other guests arrive! Maybe... ;)

    Thanks for having me at your tea party! if you haven't been already, you're cordially invited to my mad tea party! Have yourself a mad sort of day! :)

  4. I cannot wait to see the pictures!! Please stop by my blog for a spot of tea and to sign up for some very terrific giveaways!!


  5. Oh do stop by and let me know when your party is up!!!

    **blows kisses** Deb

  6. I'll be back! Looking forward to your party!

  7. Wonderful tease! Hope the party prep is filled with ease! Be back to see and hope you will have tea with me! Blessings.

  8. Hope you enjoyed your tea and you're invited to <a href=">my party</a> too if you care for some more tea...

  9. Sounds like you had a magical time :) Happy tea party day!


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