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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Madness! Magic! Tea!!!

The invites were sent...

"3 O'clock in the afternoon"

That was the time that the madness was set to begin...At a few minutes past 3 O'clock, my guests began to arrive... The first two Britt opened the door to were Heather & Scott, then Grace, Kiya & last (but not least!) Kat. We sat down to a most wonderful spread of tastiness...

Spicy chicken,wrapped in lettuce, mini cheese cakes with berries, red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, cinnamon streusel loaf, banana nut cake, scones with butter & blueberry jam, chocolate chip cookies, lots of different teas (naturally...) & a pitcher of ice water with slices of lemon & lime.

Poor Scott had a long way to travel & had no special clothing to dress up in...

So we kindly lent him some accessories. Britt's coin skirt put a jingle in his step & one of my vintage hats added that special sparkle...

Heather wore her new white dress with black flowers she purchased on a shopping trip with me & Britt.
Grace came in her gorgeous pirate garb, as she is the swashbucklingest of us all...

Kiya donned her 19th century British Military inspired finest, and rocked it.

Britt's zebra print dress was off set by her leather corset & Jack Skelington slippers.

Kat was wonderful enough to come on super short notice & came right from work, looking nice as always.
To help her get even more into the spirit of things, however, I lent her my most beloved of hats...

I wore my funky fairy bodice & skirts with my pink docs... ^-^

We ate & talked & laughed. A lot. ^-^

We also had a few rather unconventional guests...

Please allow me to introduce you to some dear friends of Britt's, Kiya's & mine.


Dickie with young Aiko (in her lap)...

Aiko with Miss Marchaline in tow & Wren...

And Daevlin...

I was rather pleased they were able to join us today, as they all lead rather busy, terribly exciting lives.

The party was a riot. My house is filled with the special magic that can only be made when friends gather to eat, drink, laugh & share the love & fondness they hold for each other. ^-^

As wonderful as things were & still are, I have a nagging feeling that the magic, mischief & madness are yet to be over... Ophelia has been rather lonely during her sister Dorrian's absence, and has taken to wandering the gardens & the grounds alone at all hours of the day & night. She has come across some rather remarkable things & is sure that there is something uber special lurking about... something that's been just waiting for a special day (night...) like this one.

What can it be? Or who (whom?) ???

Well, I suppose we shall just have to wait & see what she finds...



    Oh, that is just an AWESOME picture of me. XD I love the look on my face. what the fuck am I doing? Biting my tongue or something?

    Thank you SO much for inviting me to the party. I had a wonderful time. ^__^

  2. Wonderful Tea Party , looked like fun was had by all !

  3. Looks like a great time was had by all!

  4. Your party looks awesome! I'm so glad you had so many friends over to share the magic with. I sounds like you all had a great time and your outfits and hats are wonderful!

    I'm resisting the urge to steal that gorgeous green man tapestry and that last doll, Daevlin. Where on Earth did he come from?? I MUST have one!

    Also, if you'd like, stop by for tea with me! :)

  5. What a wonderful party! Everything looked so delicious and you all seemed to have had such a great time. I enjoyed my visit here and love, love Daevlin.

    I hope you can visit me for some tea!

    Have a lovely day!

  6. you all look like you had a great time!

  7. For those asking, Davlin (along with the other dolls who were in attendance) is an Asian Ball Jointed Doll. He was assembled using parts from a couple of different companies; Soom and Dollshe. His clothing, wig, and antlers were all custom made, and his head was modified to allow the antlers to be attached using magnets. The hooves (from Soom) were limited edition parts that are no longer available for purchase, but Soom releases "monthly dolls," and these are so far all fantasy themed and often have hooves or similar parts.

  8. Looks like a wonderful tea party indeed! Your dolls are beautiful.

  9. What a wonderful party! Friends are the main ingredient in any event, aren't they? But I did love the food, and your lovely fairy bodice And those dolls..each one is spectacular on their little couches.

    Thanks for having me in...



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