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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lazy Day...

It's been a nice, long lazy day today... I slept for about seven hours today, got up around 1600 and went outside on my porch to enjoy the lovely sunshine! It's so nice and warm today, it's a pity I have to go to work tonight. At least it's my last night on, then seven days off. YAY!!! ^-^

Britt's getting a cold, so I'm "encouraging" (gently of course) her to drink tea, take some echinacea, drink water, drink some more tea & to take it easy. ^-^ I'm hoping she feels better soon... I hate it when she doesn't feel good...

I watered the plants with the help of Macha of course, and staked the tomato. I think I'll need to re-stake her later, after I buy a fourth stake... three just isn't cutting it. Last year I think I used five, and that worked rather well, so perhaps I'll buy two...

I fixed the pumpkin I felted the other day, as Lhu got a hold of it & mangled it... T_T
I'm now working on another pumpkin (I love them, what can I say?), but this one will be taller, skinnier & a lighter orange. Hopefully I can get it finished before work tonight. Hope all y'all are enjoying this absolutely gorgeous summer evening! ^-^

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  1. It was a beautiful day today wasn't it!!!

    Thank you for such a nice post on my blog... I sure hope we can get together for tea or coffee sometime~

    Hugs to you and your daughter~


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