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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Journaling in July, amoungst other things...

Woohoo! I've gotten quite a bit accomplished today! I'm starting to lag, however, as I haven't been to bed yet... I was planning on sleeping when Britt went to work tonight, but I might not make it that long... lolz...

I just got done 'talking' to my lil sister on fb... I miss her & my family so much at the moment, and wish they lived closer. Sigh... Anywho, she took her state exams the other day for her PT assistant, and she finds out at 2100 her time... 1900 my time. I just know she passed, she's smart & a good student. ^-^ She's still worrying like it's going out of style, but hey... I can't blame her. ^-^

In other news...

D.Suplicki at The Whimsical Cottage has an awesome project for July...

I think this is great, as I started an art journal a while ago, promptly lost it, found it while moving, "put it away" in a drawer & have been neglecting it ever since... oops...

I keep meaning to haul the poor thing back out & give it some lovin', and now here's an absolutely wonderful chance! I'm excited. She's got a great banner to grab too, so head on over to her place & nab one for yourself... and then join in the fun! =D

Well then... I think I'm either off for a nap, off to water the plants first of course, and then perhaps I'll break out the ol' art journal, dust off the cover & see where I left off.

Hope y'all are having an awesome evening (omg... it's not even 1700 yet... O_o)



  1. Art journals are so fun to do, hope you get to work on yours some more! Good luck to your sister! :)

  2. I've never made an art journal before but I like the sound of it. I might take a wee trip over and check it out. Best wishes to your sister and I hope you managed to get some sleep!


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