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Thursday, June 03, 2010

I'm Back!

Not that I was really gone or anything... But I did go camping this past weekend (despite the icky weather!), so I suppose that I'm at least back from that.
I'm super tired tonight, as my sleeping hours have been all over the place, even more so than usual. I'll sleep well when I get off work though.

I finally fixed my bike (YAY!!!) and can now stop relying on my car to get me everywhere. W00t. Now if only the seat I put on it last night works & doesn't fall off... O_o;

I need to make invites for my Tea Party, and then get my machinations in motion. Oooo... sounds just delightful! ^-^

Perhaps I'll do that in just a minute... Hmmmmm...

Working on my second watercolor attempt. This time, I'm sketching a picture first, then I'll paint it. I'm working on a tree... I love big, gnarly old trees! They make me ridiculously happy! I'll be sure to post a pic when it's finished...

Itching to get working on my first doll, as I've had patterns sitting around for ages, and have yet to attempt one... Hmph... Perhaps this next stretch off I'll tackle that...

The caffeine from that one cup of coffee is spearing my chest as we speak (type, whatever...), and I'm still tired, but now I'm also twitchy... lolz... too much caffeine in too little time perhaps? Oh well. It will subside.

Hmmm... Now that I'm back to my blog, I've forgotten all the wonderful things I wanted to type about... Ack... I'm sure they'll come back when they're ready... maybe...

Well, I suppose that until my thought hamsters find their way back I'll just have to work on my Tea Party invites. ^-^ Have a supremely miichy night!

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