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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Finished!!! =D

So my spirit doll is finally finished & hung on the wall! ^-^


Here's some pics whilst in process as well as when finished...

^ The face with the eyes drying nearby...

^A closer look at the eyes. They're half pearl buttons dipped in paint. I ended up painting them black after I'd painted her face... ^-^

^And here's the stick I found on the beach while at Deception Pass. I saw it & new it was meant to come home with me & be part of a doll. ^-^

^My sweet potato was kind enough to hold my doll's hair before it was attached to her head. What a nice potato... ^-~

Aaaaaaaaaaannddd because I just adore my cats (even when they look possessed... O_o;)

^ Phiphi in the back, Lhu & Macha in front. *SnuggleSnuggleSnuggle...*

^ Finished! I hung her on my kitchen wall by my shelves. ^-^

^Close up of her body. Shells & sea glass...

^Close up of her face. I wanted to do some facial wrinkles, but they're not as easy as they look like they'd be... T_T
Perhaps upon practicing more, I shall master this skill...

I'm extremely happy with how she turned out. ^-^

Now, it's time for tea & recipe transcribing...

...and plotting & planning for the Tea Party!!! = D

And I need to go water my plants... Then I shall plot & plan. ^-^

Have a supremely wonderful day my darlings!


  1. She's absolutely great. So wise and protective looking. And your cats, well they're great too. Seeing your pics of them makes pine for my missing George...

  2. I love it! You did a really fantastic job. It looks great. :) And I love the kitties too.

  3. OMG! I absolutely LOVE HER!!! Job well done! :D I can't wait to come over and see her!

  4. She's what I would say "perfect"!!!
    She turned out so awesome...

    I love your cats as well : )

  5. she's fantastic!
    i'm not good at wrinkles either, but i after a little experimentation with the clay i have found that if it is partially dry, it's easier to carve - making better wrinkles. but, like you, i'm still learning.

  6. She's GORGEOUS! I'd whisk her away to live with me in a heartbeat!

    I can't wait for your tea party. :) Also, I can't believe I somehow missed clicking your follow button! D'oh. Well, I suppose it's better late than never. ;)

  7. this is so funny! and oooh, what a lovely cats you have!


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