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Friday, June 18, 2010

Ever the work in progress... O_o;

So today was kind of a "Blaaaaaaaaaahhh..." day. I went to the school, and found out that I hadn't filled out the FAFSA for the 2010/2011 school year, which starts in Summer quarter, not Fall quarter like I'd thought. My bad... -_- # So I need to get my tax stuff together & fill out the thing online in the next day or two so that the school can have the info on Monday. I can't believe I had such an epic dork attack. Whatever.
I haven't felt very well all day, and I'm getting a wee bit of a headache again. Perhaps I need new glasses? Hmmm...
I didn't work on my doll at all today. I didn't have the energy. I think I need to eat better & get more exercise, which is something I eternally struggle with. I've been thinking about joining the WCFC, as I am in love with martial arts. I deeply miss Sifu Luke & going to his class, and think that I'd like to join a class again. I feel very limited by my weight & by how out of shape I am. I've also begun to have knee pain, which doesn't make me want to exercise. However, I know that if I don't do something NOW, I'll end up diabetic & huge. Neither sound good to me... So I suppose I, too, should hit the gym. Perhaps I'll go tomorrow evening before work. I think I'll feel much more awake at work if I do. Hmmmm...

After talking with Britt on our walk to work last night, I was finally able to come up with at lease two things I lie to myself about. Now I can continue working my way through my Life Strategies book. Yay! I was having a rather hard time figuring out what I lie to myself about... I mean, I'm lying about it, so how am I going to know? O_o
Britt was so helpful & I can't even say how much I appreciate what a loving & honest partner she is, even if the truth is less than great. ^-^ She is the best & I'm the luckiest woman alive to have her. ^-^

Anywho. I think I'll poke at my blog layout for a bit, as it's still all funky... (sigh...), and then get to my book. Hope everyone's having a great night & I shall be back later! ^-^

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  1. Start small. The walk to work is good for you, I'm sure. I've reached yet another weight loss plateau and I know I need to eat less junk and exercise more but I just don't have the damn motivation to do it. I think I might go swimming this weekend. That's something, at least.


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