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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Come With Me...

I've been meaning to post about this for a while... NOW seemed like the appropriate time. Go HERE:

It's a lovely blog to follow, and I think that what these two women started & many more have joined onto is so very important. We've all seen the articles, pictures, video of the most recent environmental epic fail... The ocean, inlets, estuaries, parks, beaches... all covered in tarry death... the animals... make me cry.
Especially up here, on the opposite end of the country, being a rather poor student, I feel really helpless. I can't even volunteer to clean up beaches. I'm angry, enraged that due to greed, we still are so dependent on oil when we need not be, and these things, this dependancy & greed is responsible for all the life lost. All the polution. And I feel even more angry because I feel helpless.

I am not alone in these feelings of helplessness & rage... Many, many people are feeling these things too. The two women behind this awesome blog channeled that rage & helplessness into something positive. Into something that can make a difference. I will join with them & many others this Saturday, June 12th. The New Moon. The Dark Moon. A time for working powerful magic. I will lift my voice, my will, my energy, my love & rage to something that will make a difference. I will be at the water this night. Will you join me? I would love to have you along. Will you join us? Together, we will encourage the healing of this horrendous wound. Blessed be.


  1. Thanks for posting this link, I'll have to check it out ASAP!

  2. We were going to game night but I would like to see what your up too? What time are you looking at doing this?

  3. Thanks, lady. This means so much.


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