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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Can't read MY poker face (mostly b/c I'm confused...) O_o;

Soooooo... In the whirlwind of last minute tea party planning & gardening, I'd completely forgotten that tonight was the first ever Ladies' Poker Night at Laura's house. Thankfully, she texted us all to give us directions! I was a wee bit late, as I ended up covered chin to toes in dirt (I was transplanting peppers...) and needed to shower before I went.

It was so much fun. I've never played any kind of poker before, and had no idea how many different kinds there are... O_O

Thankfully, Laura's a good teacher & is also in possession of a mammoth book containing the rules of almost any card game imaginable. It was awesome!

I can't wait to go back in two weeks. ^-^

Alrighty... Debating whether to go to bed or sort through more recipes... I have to be up at 0800 to pick Heather up from the car dealership, but I'm not quite ready to sleep yet...

I'll poke through a few more recipes and then go to bed. ^-^

Hope y'all are having a good night!


  1. Aw, I'm so jealous! A few years ago my friends and I used to have regular ladies' poker nights and they were the best fun EVER! Although there was always a lot more eating/drinking/chatting done than gambling :) (Speaking of absynthe, I have a hazy memory of someone bringing a bottle along one night. There wasn't much poker played that evening!) We're all scattered about the place now but we try to get together whenever we're all in the one place at the one time. It'll probably be Christmas before we have the next one, although your post has me longing to get one going sooner! Glad you enjoyed it missus and may you have many more!

  2. I love it my word verification on the last post was skedat!

  3. Thank you so much I hope I can take pictures at the show... and share them on my blog...

    I hope we can get together to meet soon : )


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