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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Blogging for the Malcontent...

So... Back at work for another exciting night. I feel rather acomplished, as I got my tree painted today, watched several episodes of Bones on Hulu (something I rarely do...) and had a wonderful, relaxing day with Britt. We lounged around the house, and it was so nice. We went to bed about 1600 & got up about 2230, and I feel really good & awake. I think maybe 8 hrs of sleep is too much for me... Six hours seems to be just lovely.

I'm itching to get into & then out of nursing school, so that I don't have that hanging over my head anymore. The pay raise will be nice too...

I'm starting to feel that old Wanderlust rearing its head again. I'm ready to move away, get a new job & I don't know... just change things up a bit I suppose. Damn this ingrained need I have to move around! lolz... ^-^

I suppose I'm just feeling exceptionally malcontent tonight. I don't know why exactly.

I have epic cleaning & organizing plans laid for when I get home. My house still isn't totally unpacked, and it's making me nuts. My kitchen is messy again, and this is making me uber nuts. My bedroom is a disaster area (there are clothes everywhere...) and the living room is beyond messy... I hate having a messy house. It makes me feel all cluttered inside, and I hate it. So, I shall fix it in the morning. I'll make a pot of tea (Earl Grey, naturally...) and whip my house into shape. I think I'll make a 'To Do' list while I'm thinking about it. Have a good night my lovelies!

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