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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ren Faire!

Yes, indeed... The time approaches! Grab your volumous skirts, your pirate garb, your best bodice & favorite pair of faery wings, because we're going to Ren Faire!!!


Go Here to see the website. Tickets are $30 for an adult 2-day pass & add $15 to that if you want to camp for the weekend.

$45 for a weekend of camping & Ren Faire awesomness??? O_O

What a deal. ^-^

Britt, myself, Grace & Sue are all going either the first or the third weekend (I'll figure out which in the near future... ^-^) & we'll be camping the whole weekend, so if anyone else wants to join in, we're going to have a blast!

The more, the merrier. ^-^

Alrighty my lovelies, I'm off to finish my homework & enjoy the sunshine! Have a supremely wonderful day! I can't wait to plug into my computer tonight for a while & visit all the lovely tea parties!!! = D

Sunday, June 27, 2010


The Tea Party was finally able to post! Yay!!! All I had to do was threaten my modem & router with a mallet, and they got it together so I could post. Now it's off to bed, as I've had a long (FUN!) day, and am going to meet Pattee for coffee in the morning. Nighty night! ^-^

Madness! Magic! Tea!!!

The invites were sent...

"3 O'clock in the afternoon"

That was the time that the madness was set to begin...At a few minutes past 3 O'clock, my guests began to arrive... The first two Britt opened the door to were Heather & Scott, then Grace, Kiya & last (but not least!) Kat. We sat down to a most wonderful spread of tastiness...

Spicy chicken,wrapped in lettuce, mini cheese cakes with berries, red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, cinnamon streusel loaf, banana nut cake, scones with butter & blueberry jam, chocolate chip cookies, lots of different teas (naturally...) & a pitcher of ice water with slices of lemon & lime.

Poor Scott had a long way to travel & had no special clothing to dress up in...

So we kindly lent him some accessories. Britt's coin skirt put a jingle in his step & one of my vintage hats added that special sparkle...

Heather wore her new white dress with black flowers she purchased on a shopping trip with me & Britt.
Grace came in her gorgeous pirate garb, as she is the swashbucklingest of us all...

Kiya donned her 19th century British Military inspired finest, and rocked it.

Britt's zebra print dress was off set by her leather corset & Jack Skelington slippers.

Kat was wonderful enough to come on super short notice & came right from work, looking nice as always.
To help her get even more into the spirit of things, however, I lent her my most beloved of hats...

I wore my funky fairy bodice & skirts with my pink docs... ^-^

We ate & talked & laughed. A lot. ^-^

We also had a few rather unconventional guests...

Please allow me to introduce you to some dear friends of Britt's, Kiya's & mine.


Dickie with young Aiko (in her lap)...

Aiko with Miss Marchaline in tow & Wren...

And Daevlin...

I was rather pleased they were able to join us today, as they all lead rather busy, terribly exciting lives.

The party was a riot. My house is filled with the special magic that can only be made when friends gather to eat, drink, laugh & share the love & fondness they hold for each other. ^-^

As wonderful as things were & still are, I have a nagging feeling that the magic, mischief & madness are yet to be over... Ophelia has been rather lonely during her sister Dorrian's absence, and has taken to wandering the gardens & the grounds alone at all hours of the day & night. She has come across some rather remarkable things & is sure that there is something uber special lurking about... something that's been just waiting for a special day (night...) like this one.

What can it be? Or who (whom?) ???

Well, I suppose we shall just have to wait & see what she finds...


Please pardon the tardiness of my Tea Party post... I've had to do battle with internet gremlins, take a break for some gay pride & a parade, engage the gremlins once more & hopefully get it posted in the next little while. ^-^

Friday, June 25, 2010

Magical, absolutely madd Tea Party Prep!!!

My particular party will commence at 1500 this afternoon (tomorrow, technically...), but I probably won't sleep before then... so it's today for me! ^-^

The baking has begun! I wanted all my stuff to be as fresh as possible, so tonight & tomorrow morning I shall bake as I've never baked before... = D

We also will be putting together our outfits & dressing our dolls sometime in the early AM... Yay!

A bit of house cleaning, a few last touch ups and finishing the decorations & hanging them up will see things almost ready.

Tonight feels especially magical... The sky is clear, the stars twinkle & wink at me from far, far above... the wind is blowing & I feel faeries peering at me & the kitties through the plants on the porch. Mayhap they'll come inside & keep me company for a bit... ^-^

Back to my cookies, but I'm sure I'll be back throughout the night! Having a riot looking at the early tea party-ers! Love & kisses my darlings!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Can't read MY poker face (mostly b/c I'm confused...) O_o;

Soooooo... In the whirlwind of last minute tea party planning & gardening, I'd completely forgotten that tonight was the first ever Ladies' Poker Night at Laura's house. Thankfully, she texted us all to give us directions! I was a wee bit late, as I ended up covered chin to toes in dirt (I was transplanting peppers...) and needed to shower before I went.

It was so much fun. I've never played any kind of poker before, and had no idea how many different kinds there are... O_O

Thankfully, Laura's a good teacher & is also in possession of a mammoth book containing the rules of almost any card game imaginable. It was awesome!

I can't wait to go back in two weeks. ^-^

Alrighty... Debating whether to go to bed or sort through more recipes... I have to be up at 0800 to pick Heather up from the car dealership, but I'm not quite ready to sleep yet...

I'll poke through a few more recipes and then go to bed. ^-^

Hope y'all are having a good night!

Peppers & Fairies

Taking a brief break from planting my peppers (upside down & hanging from the roof, mind you) to contemplate making cookies... I think I'll wait until this evening, when it's a bit cooler. We'll see...

Britt & Heather are on the porch playing checkers while Lhu watches from the screen door. I'd stick him in Macha's harness & let him out, but he likes to try & catch birds... which is bad because we're on the second story... O_o;

As soon as the other two peppers are planted & hung up I'm going to go through my recipes & pick out the menu for Saturday. Yay! I'm so excited... ^-^

Alrighty then... going to refill the humming bird feeder, then get those peppers transplanted.

Oh yes... I found out from Roisin that today is International Fairy Day...

So! Do something nice for the wee folk & may you have a wonderful, magic filled day! ^-^

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Journaling in July, amoungst other things...

Woohoo! I've gotten quite a bit accomplished today! I'm starting to lag, however, as I haven't been to bed yet... I was planning on sleeping when Britt went to work tonight, but I might not make it that long... lolz...

I just got done 'talking' to my lil sister on fb... I miss her & my family so much at the moment, and wish they lived closer. Sigh... Anywho, she took her state exams the other day for her PT assistant, and she finds out at 2100 her time... 1900 my time. I just know she passed, she's smart & a good student. ^-^ She's still worrying like it's going out of style, but hey... I can't blame her. ^-^

In other news...

D.Suplicki at The Whimsical Cottage has an awesome project for July...

I think this is great, as I started an art journal a while ago, promptly lost it, found it while moving, "put it away" in a drawer & have been neglecting it ever since... oops...

I keep meaning to haul the poor thing back out & give it some lovin', and now here's an absolutely wonderful chance! I'm excited. She's got a great banner to grab too, so head on over to her place & nab one for yourself... and then join in the fun! =D

Well then... I think I'm either off for a nap, off to water the plants first of course, and then perhaps I'll break out the ol' art journal, dust off the cover & see where I left off.

Hope y'all are having an awesome evening (omg... it's not even 1700 yet... O_o)


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lazy Day...

It's been a nice, long lazy day today... I slept for about seven hours today, got up around 1600 and went outside on my porch to enjoy the lovely sunshine! It's so nice and warm today, it's a pity I have to go to work tonight. At least it's my last night on, then seven days off. YAY!!! ^-^

Britt's getting a cold, so I'm "encouraging" (gently of course) her to drink tea, take some echinacea, drink water, drink some more tea & to take it easy. ^-^ I'm hoping she feels better soon... I hate it when she doesn't feel good...

I watered the plants with the help of Macha of course, and staked the tomato. I think I'll need to re-stake her later, after I buy a fourth stake... three just isn't cutting it. Last year I think I used five, and that worked rather well, so perhaps I'll buy two...

I fixed the pumpkin I felted the other day, as Lhu got a hold of it & mangled it... T_T
I'm now working on another pumpkin (I love them, what can I say?), but this one will be taller, skinnier & a lighter orange. Hopefully I can get it finished before work tonight. Hope all y'all are enjoying this absolutely gorgeous summer evening! ^-^

Monday, June 21, 2010

Heads up! Click this link!!!

Head HERE to see my partner's awesome new art project, Objectify. Powerful, painful, beautiful.

Happy Solstice!

Yes, today is the longest day of the year... and the official beginning of Summer! YAY!!! Now if only we get some nice weather... ^-^
I'm not quite sure what I'll be doing today... probably something small & quiet, as I have to be back at work tonight. Still, it matters not the size or elaborateness (is that a word?) of the celebration. What's important is that I take a moment today just for myself & acknowledge the passing of time, the turning of the Wheel. ^-^

I'm excited to be off work in a few hours. I think I'll get some coffee and stay up all day... maybe take a wee nap before work... hmmmm... It seems a pity to waste the longest day of the year sleeping... ^-^

Well then. I'm off to finish work & contemplate what I want to do today. Solstice blessings! ^-^

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, whether biological, adopted, chosen, whatever! ^-^

Thank you to my dad for being the best that there is. No matter what has happened, he's always been loving. No matter the struggles we've had, we're still here for each other. He may not understand me all the time, but he loves me none the less. He supports me in the ways he's able, and it means a lot to me. I miss him & wish he lived closer (Iowa is rather far away... -__- #), and I can't wait to see him in July. I hope he's having an awesome day! I hope he knows that I'm so thankful that I got him for a dad, and that no matter what's happened, I've never wished for anyone else. He means the world to me, and I love him! ^-^

Everybody else, have an awesome day too! Get outside & play, hug your dad (or dad substitute!) & be thankful for all the wonderful things there are to be thankful for. ^-^

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Finished!!! =D

So my spirit doll is finally finished & hung on the wall! ^-^


Here's some pics whilst in process as well as when finished...

^ The face with the eyes drying nearby...

^A closer look at the eyes. They're half pearl buttons dipped in paint. I ended up painting them black after I'd painted her face... ^-^

^And here's the stick I found on the beach while at Deception Pass. I saw it & new it was meant to come home with me & be part of a doll. ^-^

^My sweet potato was kind enough to hold my doll's hair before it was attached to her head. What a nice potato... ^-~

Aaaaaaaaaaannddd because I just adore my cats (even when they look possessed... O_o;)

^ Phiphi in the back, Lhu & Macha in front. *SnuggleSnuggleSnuggle...*

^ Finished! I hung her on my kitchen wall by my shelves. ^-^

^Close up of her body. Shells & sea glass...

^Close up of her face. I wanted to do some facial wrinkles, but they're not as easy as they look like they'd be... T_T
Perhaps upon practicing more, I shall master this skill...

I'm extremely happy with how she turned out. ^-^

Now, it's time for tea & recipe transcribing...

...and plotting & planning for the Tea Party!!! = D

And I need to go water my plants... Then I shall plot & plan. ^-^

Have a supremely wonderful day my darlings!


Indeed! It's coming through my office window, teasing me, begging me to come outside & play. Soon... I've been scrounging around the internet all night looking for tasty treats to make for the Tea Party of Epic...ness... that will be taking place only SEVEN DAYS FROM TODAY.


Eek... there's so much to do, yet things always end up best when there's a wee bit of pressure... ^_~

I've found some fun looking (and yummy looking!) recipes for candies & cupcakes... Mmmmm... as well as a few for fudge. Grace is bringing scones & Devonshire cream & Heather is coming over to help bake/make stuff on Friday. I think I'll probably make a few finger sammiches as well... Mmmm... Cucumber sammiches... ^-^

Well then... Off to finish staffing... Happy Saturday & go outside & play in the sunshineyness!!! ^-^

Friday, June 18, 2010

Holy buckets, I did it!!!

I managed to fix my blog. I think. We shall see after I try to post this. ^-^

Hurrah for figuring out how to play with html... lolz. Now, onto my book! =D

Ever the work in progress... O_o;

So today was kind of a "Blaaaaaaaaaahhh..." day. I went to the school, and found out that I hadn't filled out the FAFSA for the 2010/2011 school year, which starts in Summer quarter, not Fall quarter like I'd thought. My bad... -_- # So I need to get my tax stuff together & fill out the thing online in the next day or two so that the school can have the info on Monday. I can't believe I had such an epic dork attack. Whatever.
I haven't felt very well all day, and I'm getting a wee bit of a headache again. Perhaps I need new glasses? Hmmm...
I didn't work on my doll at all today. I didn't have the energy. I think I need to eat better & get more exercise, which is something I eternally struggle with. I've been thinking about joining the WCFC, as I am in love with martial arts. I deeply miss Sifu Luke & going to his class, and think that I'd like to join a class again. I feel very limited by my weight & by how out of shape I am. I've also begun to have knee pain, which doesn't make me want to exercise. However, I know that if I don't do something NOW, I'll end up diabetic & huge. Neither sound good to me... So I suppose I, too, should hit the gym. Perhaps I'll go tomorrow evening before work. I think I'll feel much more awake at work if I do. Hmmmm...

After talking with Britt on our walk to work last night, I was finally able to come up with at lease two things I lie to myself about. Now I can continue working my way through my Life Strategies book. Yay! I was having a rather hard time figuring out what I lie to myself about... I mean, I'm lying about it, so how am I going to know? O_o
Britt was so helpful & I can't even say how much I appreciate what a loving & honest partner she is, even if the truth is less than great. ^-^ She is the best & I'm the luckiest woman alive to have her. ^-^

Anywho. I think I'll poke at my blog layout for a bit, as it's still all funky... (sigh...), and then get to my book. Hope everyone's having a great night & I shall be back later! ^-^

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Um, oops?

So I tried to preview the changes I'd made to my blog layout, only to save said changes... sigh. I ended up with a new layout, and I'm still poking at it. So. I'm a bit unsettled with this unexpected change, but life goes on & I'm thinking that it will change further as I have more time to poke & prod it later this morning. O_o;


Soooooo... It takes a LOT longer to glue on doll hair than I previously anticipated... lolz... I'm still in process... Hopefully I can get her done after work (and after I go poke the school...) or perhaps after I sleep tomorrow... Hmmm... we shall see!

Hoping this headache goes away sooner rather than later, as I'm not enjoying it...

Worrying a bit about my lack of chairs for the tea party... and my lack of a proper table... Hmmmm... I think a trip to the reStore might be in order to purchase a few things...

And then the decorations! I'm doing not just a madd tea party, but a magical one as well! Lollis, faeries, monks, dolls, doormice & of course the Gypsies are all welcome! =D
Now, I can decorate however I so choose. Ideas from participants are always welcome!!!

I'm suddenly in the mood to party plan, so I'm off. Happy night everyone! ^-^

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am a leaf on the wind... -_-;

Re-heating left overs from last night's fajitas & trying desperately not to let the good mood slip into something darker & considerably more pissed off... I went to the tech college's website today to check on where I'm at on my class wait lists for the summer, only to find out that I was DROPPED from all my classes & wait lists. I. Am. Angry. I'm thinking that I wasn't actually differed from payment like financial aid said I was when I asked them the other day. Sigh... -_- #

So, I re-registered for my math class, got back on the wait list for A&P II, and am going to go talk to them tomorrow. I'm beginning to feel like whenever I make a good decision or try to get my shit together, the carpet gets yanked out from under me. Sigh... T_T

Anywho... After I eat some fajitas, I'm going to glue the hair onto my doll & add some finishing touches before I claim her as finished. Yay!!! Almost finished!!! ^-^

Mmmmm... FAJITA...

Alrighty. Now that I've eaten, ranted about school (again...) and now feel a bit better, I'm off to play with my glue gun... And read a bit more of Changeless by Gail Carriger while I wait for it to heat up. Happy Wednesday to all y'all & hope you're out enjoying this beautiful day! ^-^

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Soooo... It's a cloudy, chilly day here. Again. Summer? What? Where??? O_o

Spent a fun day with Scott bumming around Bellingham, came home to Britt cooking turkey burgers (Mmmmmmm...) and now we're getting ready to go bowling. W00t.

We're going to cook fajitas for dinner tonight, and hopefully I'll get a chance to finish up my doll... I had to stop last night as I ran out of glue... -_-; Almost finished... almost... ^-^

Alrighty then. Off to bowling! Hopefully I'll have some pics to post soon of my doll. I also felted a little pumpkin last night that I'm rather proud of, as I've never felted anything before.

Monday, June 14, 2010


I figured that while I wait for my bread dough to finish rising, I'd post a wee post. It's a glorious day! Britt's asleep, as she wasn't feeling well this morning, but the sun is out & my porch garden is squeeful.

I'm almost finished with the spirit doll I've been working on (who knew paper clay takes so long to dry??), and am waiting for the glue to dry so I can attach her hair to her head & her head to her body. Perhaps not in that order. I don't know yet.

Heather & Scott will be over later tonight, so I'm waiting to make cheese bread & cinnamon bread until then, so I can teach her how. ^-^

Alrighty. Back to my bread & my issue of SageWoman! ^-^

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Midday Update!

Whooooo... So I've finished sculpting the head for my spirit doll, and now waiting for it to dry so I can paint it. I think I'll work on the body now, even though this is going to be a challenge, as I have absolutely NO fabric at my house anymore!!! It's all in storage, which I have no access to until tomorrow... Oh well. I've got a few other ideas that I think will be perfect. We shall see... ^-^

Dranka lotof tea, now onto the coffee. Britt's asleep, and the kitties have been keeping me company. Mostly Macha & Lhu, but Phiphi managed to get out of bed for a bit & come say hi & watch the birds for a little while. ^-^

Taking a quick break, as my ass hurts from sitting on a hard wooden chair for the past however many hours it's been since I last posted, and my back is achy too... I have bad posture... I'm working on it.

Taking a moment to figure out what to make for dinner in a few hours... I'm still not sure. I fully intend on baking some bread today & making cookies later though! ^-^

Alrighty then... Back to unraveling yarn for hair, piecing together a body & pulling things together! ^-^
So this morning began with me depressed & just generally unhappy. Thanks to several people who I stalk through the blogsphere, I'm feeling oh so much better! ^-^ Thank you especially, Heather, for perking me up. You're sweet words made me smile!

I sat outside for a while this morning before plugging into the internet, watching the various birds & a few squirrels flit & jump & scamper around my porch & the two big pine trees right next to it. I love birds. They make me squeeful. I love squirrels too, but would love it if they'd stop digging up my plants... ^-^

I ate some ginger snap granola for breakfast, which was interesting as I had no milk, so used a third vanilla creamer to two thirds hot water... not great, but not horrible either. I should have used more creamer... ^-^

Drinking a pot of Earl Grey tea, thankful that tomorrow is payday, as I'm almost out... O_O

I'm going to make a spirit doll this morning. I'll post a picture of her when I'm finished. I'm excited.

I also got all my packages yesterday!!! Yay!!! I had an epic fail & sent them to myself under an online name, as I'm mildly paranoid about putting my name, address & phone number anywhere all at once on the internet, even ebay. So, when they arrived & were held at the post office due to size, I had no way to get them, as I have no photo ID with this other name on it. EPIC FAIL... -_- # Oh well. I talked to one of the Post Master's assistants & with all the stuff I'd printed off of ebay showing that I'd indeed bought & paid for the items, he was nice enough to get them for me. Whew! We'd been up for so long by this time that, had he refused to give me my packages, I probably would have cried... lolz... thankfully it didn't come to that. ^-^ I'll post some pics of the epic awesomness that came to me in the mail... the best thing all the way from China! ^____^

Alrighty. The last bit of tea in my cup is cold & demanding to have some hot tea added to it, so I'm off to replenish my cup & get to work on my doll! Have an awesome day, let friends, family & all those you love brighten your day, take a moment to enjoy some time outside & most importantly... HAVE SOME FUN!!!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Come With Me...

I've been meaning to post about this for a while... NOW seemed like the appropriate time. Go HERE:

It's a lovely blog to follow, and I think that what these two women started & many more have joined onto is so very important. We've all seen the articles, pictures, video of the most recent environmental epic fail... The ocean, inlets, estuaries, parks, beaches... all covered in tarry death... the animals... make me cry.
Especially up here, on the opposite end of the country, being a rather poor student, I feel really helpless. I can't even volunteer to clean up beaches. I'm angry, enraged that due to greed, we still are so dependent on oil when we need not be, and these things, this dependancy & greed is responsible for all the life lost. All the polution. And I feel even more angry because I feel helpless.

I am not alone in these feelings of helplessness & rage... Many, many people are feeling these things too. The two women behind this awesome blog channeled that rage & helplessness into something positive. Into something that can make a difference. I will join with them & many others this Saturday, June 12th. The New Moon. The Dark Moon. A time for working powerful magic. I will lift my voice, my will, my energy, my love & rage to something that will make a difference. I will be at the water this night. Will you join me? I would love to have you along. Will you join us? Together, we will encourage the healing of this horrendous wound. Blessed be.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Well then... O_o;

Soooooo... My eval took an hour and a half... Nothing bad (apparently I'm awesome...), but still. I got home to find that Heather had returned home, Britt was passed out in bed beneath all of our dress clothes, the kitchen is an ungodly mess & there is french toast strewn about. I was, needless to say, not amused. It didn't help that I'd been looking forward to having a nice after work drink only to find that the two of them had ingested a fifth of vodka & god only knows how much everclear (no, not the top coat for your car paint... ^-~)

Anywho. I was a bit miffed, so I left again, talked to my dad about my lack of discipline in just about every aspect of my life & requested any bright ideas he might have. He told me to read Life Strategies by (I'm embarrassed to admit this...) Dr. Phil. o_o; He says it's the only decent work he's done, but it's good & applicable. So, I went to Barnes & Noble & got it... I was soooooooo embarrassed! Roflmao... Anywho.

I'm going to wrap up the meat in the fridge, make some lunch grab a soda & go sit on my porch & read. Hopefully I'll glean something to help me, because I am in need of it.

I'm not irritated with my honey or my friend anymore either. It was a gut reaction to the mess, but in the end, I'm glad that they had so much fun, and this happiness totally cancels out my former desire to smack them with the french toast pan... ^-^
Messes are clean-up-able. They are alcohol camels, but that's another thing entirely... lolz...

Alrighty! Off to meat wrapping & self improvement! And eventually, some sleep before work. My last night on!!! Yay!!!

W00t for a Lovely Day!!!

I'm so excited to get home! Unfortunately, I have my eval after I get off, but hopefully it will go quickly. Britt & Heather have been up all night drinking & knitting (potentially dangerous combo here... alcohol & pointy sticks...), and I can't wait to get home to join them! ^-^ It's so nice outside, perhaps I'll move us onto the porch & serve breakfast? Hmmmmm... Just what those two might need... lolz...

I'm in a considerably better mood than earlier (thank the gods & goddesses...) and can't wait to go home & indulge my inner geeky crafter. Maybe I'll start on a doll. Better yet, maybe I'll finish those damn invitations... lolz... And then plot some more for the party... It's only two and a half weeks away!!!



Anywho. Gonna finish everything up so I can get to my eval early, and hopefully get home sooner! Zya!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Another Quickie!

Quick little post before & head off to dream land...

The sun & the clouds are waring (still...), and neither can seem to get the upper hand. I'm backing the sun, as I'm beginning to feel rather soggy. My cat is unamused by the rain, as I won't let her come outside with me to water the plants if it's wet.

I don't really want to go to bed, but I've gotta be up at 1900 to go for a walk around Lake Padden with Britt & Heather. Before I go to sleep, however, I do have to plant my lemon cucumbers & zucchini. And pray that the damn squirrels don't dig them up... sigh... meh.

Anywho. Off to play in the garden (again) and then to bed. Nighty night my darlings! ^-^

Negativity... The gift that keeps on taking...

Suddenly so tired. And there's so much to do in the morning... sigh... Perhaps all the negativity swirling around my office has something to do with it. I was in a really good mood before lunch, but now... sigh...

Listening to The Cauldron Born, Herne's Apprentice, This Hills They are Hollow, Spirit of Albion & Tales from the Crow Man by Damh the Bard, hoping I'll feel better again soon. I hate feeling deflated like this. Meh.

Perhaps I'll take a nap til 0430... That may help too. We'll see. At least I get to go home & sleep if I wish in... three & a half hours...

I'm going to open all the windows in here & open the door and let the wind wisk it all away. Sounds good to me! ^-^

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sigh... Yesterday was soooooooooo lovely, and today we get... rain. Why must it always rain when we're planning on going to the Highland Games??? All I want is a meat pie... and some sun. Or at least rain free clouds? Anywho.

We were going to go for a run this morning, but Britt's falling asleep on her feet (not a good thing for running around a lake... O_o;) and everyone else doesn't seem to really want to go. So! Just Britt & I are going to go at 1900. We both need to make ourselves stop trying to force this kind of thing on others. Even if in the past they've expressed interest. We need to learn to make the offer, leave the invitation open, but not push anyone to do things they're not ready to step up & do. It's not fair to them & it's not fair to us. No one benefits & both sides end up unhappy.

Whew. Now that I've re-learned the lesson for the day, onto better things. Omg... my poor cat has the hiccups... O_O Now that's something I've never seen before... Poor kitty...

Focus. Better things. Yes! Like the tea party coming up in far too little time. I need to get my invites done today so I can mail them out tomorrow... meep... I also need to plane what goodies I'll be serving, go through my tea inventory, see what I have & what I need, and then make a shopping list.

I still need to clean my house, as that never got done yesterday, and do a million other things...

For now, though, I think I'll open some windows, let in some fresh air, put on some music & clean (and sing along with my music of course... ^-^)

Have a lovely day my darlings, and I'm sure I'll pop back in later. The phones are going down at work again tonight, so I'll have some time on my hands. Ta ta! ^-^

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Blogging for the Malcontent...

So... Back at work for another exciting night. I feel rather acomplished, as I got my tree painted today, watched several episodes of Bones on Hulu (something I rarely do...) and had a wonderful, relaxing day with Britt. We lounged around the house, and it was so nice. We went to bed about 1600 & got up about 2230, and I feel really good & awake. I think maybe 8 hrs of sleep is too much for me... Six hours seems to be just lovely.

I'm itching to get into & then out of nursing school, so that I don't have that hanging over my head anymore. The pay raise will be nice too...

I'm starting to feel that old Wanderlust rearing its head again. I'm ready to move away, get a new job & I don't know... just change things up a bit I suppose. Damn this ingrained need I have to move around! lolz... ^-^

I suppose I'm just feeling exceptionally malcontent tonight. I don't know why exactly.

I have epic cleaning & organizing plans laid for when I get home. My house still isn't totally unpacked, and it's making me nuts. My kitchen is messy again, and this is making me uber nuts. My bedroom is a disaster area (there are clothes everywhere...) and the living room is beyond messy... I hate having a messy house. It makes me feel all cluttered inside, and I hate it. So, I shall fix it in the morning. I'll make a pot of tea (Earl Grey, naturally...) and whip my house into shape. I think I'll make a 'To Do' list while I'm thinking about it. Have a good night my lovelies!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Uber Quickie (It's bed time...)

So here's my first attempt at painting something specific with my watercolors... Still getting used to them, but I'm mostly pleased. The tree is finished, but I feel like the background still needs something... I'm just not sure what... It'll come to me... I hope... ^-^

And here's two pics of my weenie kitty Lhu (full name, Cthulhu... he is aptly named...), as h
e is so adorable, I may just pop. And now off to bed, so I can be somewhat awake tonight. Nighty night! ^-^

Yes, those are my footy pajamas with stars & space ships on them, sitting on the floor to the left of Lhu's head... I love them. And the red thing is the leg of my long underwear, full body coverage complete with a butt flap. These things make me happy... ^-^

I have no idea why this is sideways... and am going to bed, so it'll have to stay that way... ^-^


So. I've come to the realization that I'm addicted to blogging. O_o; Even if I'm just rambling on & on about, well, nothing, I still love doing it. It makes me happy on some strange level, and makes me feel good. Supremely good. On one hand, I find this a bit odd, as I was never much for keeping a journal. On the other hand, I am pleased that something as simple as typing whatever pops into my head can create such joy. I'm lucky to be so easily pleased. ^-^

As it's a typical day in the Pacific Northwest (i.e. it's raining...), I feel rather motivated to go home & paint. My tree sketch is complete, and I decided to leave it simple. Just a tree. No background or anything. I'm still trying to get the hang of these paints & color mixing, so perhaps I'll do another practice sheet first... Or maybe I'll just wing it. I can always do another tree if I don't like this one.

I do need to go to the Post Office today & try to get my packages... I had an epic fail & didn't realize that in order to pick up stuff, I'd need ID. Unfortunately, the stuff is shipped using an online name (yes, I'm paranoid, Britt, stop laughing...) to which I have to official photo ID for. So I'm hoping that the shipping info from ebay will be enough, or I won't be able to get my goodies, and might possibly cry... But I'm hopefull for success!!!

Anywho. I'm outta lemonade, so I'm off to make some more before day shift gets here. If I have the presence of mind to do so, I'll snap a few pictures of my paint experiments & give y'all a looksee. Have a lovely day!!!


Well then. I didn't get any watercolors worked on (bummer!) but I did get my hummingbird feeder refilled, my plants re-potted & the Cayenne pepper spread along my porch. Perhaps tomorrow I'll get a picture of it. It's rather awesome, this bright reddish orange stripe all along the railings... XD

Heather came over before work & I cooked dinner for her, Britt & myself. Rice & chicken cooked with honey & herbs... Mmmmmmm... ^-^ We then piled into her car & now the three of us are back at the hospital for another night. Oh the excitement... ^_~

I'm in a pretty good mood & have my watercolor tablet with me, so even though I can't paint at work, hopefully I'll get a few good sketches done. ^-^

I also cleaned up my kitchen a bit earlier this evening, as it was kind of (completely, really...) a mess. I did a load of dishes & a load of laundry, and have one more load of dishes to do in the morning. I'm still trying to cope with having almost no counter space, especially after being spoiled with the miles of it I had at the old place. I'm also missing having closet space... But I'm happy with our place now, and really love the location. ^-^

Anywho... There's a missed punch line to be checked, coffee to make & deliver to Britt & bed meeting to go to at 0100... So I'm off to make coffee and then finish up so I can sketch! Have a good night everybody! ^-^

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Urg... or perhaps not... O_o

Woke up feeling kinda not-so-good, so I went back to bed... and now I'm up again, still not feeling so great. I don't want to sleep anymore, but I really don't feel so well.

On a happier note, I saw a hummingbird today!!! = D
The BIG things zipped right up to my kitchen window, stared at me for a moment, then zipped right off. *Squee!!!* I'll refill my hummingbird feeder right away! I almost felt silly for that tiny little encounter making me so happy, but then I thought, Hey, I'll take my happiness in the little places I find it. So yup... they DO live by my house! =D

I've decided that I'm NOT going to go back to bed, no matter how much I may want to, but instead, I'm going to make some lemonade, sit on my porch & sip it, pump up my bike tires, fix up my garden (damn squirrels...), lay out the cayenne, and perhaps work on my watercolors. ^-^

Mmmm... Lemonade attained. Hits the spot! I still feel kinda like yammering on for a bit, but have run out of things to say... So I think I'll put some clothes on, as I can't run around my porch naked anymore... sigh... and then get my (clothed) butt out there! Have a lovely evening, and I'm sure I'll be back to type y'alls ears off tonight at work. ^-^

Oooooo... An IDEA...

So I have an idea for a few watercolors, if I can manage it... We shall see how it things go on this end of the brush, and if all goes well, I'll post some pics along with my tree... But it all depends... I'm not terribly adept at figure drawing, but I'm going to try to do a few pics out of one of my very favorite picture books, 1000 Dessous, a kind of history of women's undergarments. Awesome book, btw...

I also think I'm going to chop up a sheet of my watercolor tablet into inchy-sized squares... I think watercolor inchies might just be right up my alley... Hmmmmm...

Alrighty then. Off for a quick little nap, then to drop Britt off at her meeting, to school to poke people so I may sign up for classes, and then... who knows?

I'm Back!

Not that I was really gone or anything... But I did go camping this past weekend (despite the icky weather!), so I suppose that I'm at least back from that.
I'm super tired tonight, as my sleeping hours have been all over the place, even more so than usual. I'll sleep well when I get off work though.

I finally fixed my bike (YAY!!!) and can now stop relying on my car to get me everywhere. W00t. Now if only the seat I put on it last night works & doesn't fall off... O_o;

I need to make invites for my Tea Party, and then get my machinations in motion. Oooo... sounds just delightful! ^-^

Perhaps I'll do that in just a minute... Hmmmmm...

Working on my second watercolor attempt. This time, I'm sketching a picture first, then I'll paint it. I'm working on a tree... I love big, gnarly old trees! They make me ridiculously happy! I'll be sure to post a pic when it's finished...

Itching to get working on my first doll, as I've had patterns sitting around for ages, and have yet to attempt one... Hmph... Perhaps this next stretch off I'll tackle that...

The caffeine from that one cup of coffee is spearing my chest as we speak (type, whatever...), and I'm still tired, but now I'm also twitchy... lolz... too much caffeine in too little time perhaps? Oh well. It will subside.

Hmmm... Now that I'm back to my blog, I've forgotten all the wonderful things I wanted to type about... Ack... I'm sure they'll come back when they're ready... maybe...

Well, I suppose that until my thought hamsters find their way back I'll just have to work on my Tea Party invites. ^-^ Have a supremely miichy night!