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Sunday, May 23, 2010


I am so glad Destinee's wedding is over & that all in all in went well. Minus the slightly crazy grandma with no filter, things were as close to perfect as possible. Britt & I ended up being in charge of a host of things we didn't know even needed to be done, but I think it's our fate to never be spectators... lolz... As per usual, I was in the kitchen. I seem to make a bee line for the place, and feel very safe & secure whilst in the kitchen. Any kitchen... ^-^ I also made up the bride & maid of honor's bouquets. I got the best compliment from Britt while I was working on them. She looked at me, smiled and told me that there was no mistake, I am my mother's daughter. ^_____^ My mom is very gifted at floral arrangement, something she apparently has passed on to me. It made me smile (and miss my mom...)
I also ended up doing the music for the ceremony, which thankfully was nothing more than a CD... (thank the gods... I don't think I remember how to play wedding music on the piano anymore... it's been too long...)

There were a few unhappy moments, but overall, things were very nice and Destinee was very happy & thankful for our help. She ended up leaving her phone in my purse, so I suppose we'll have to head to Lynden later today and get it back to her. We can also drop off the veritable truck load of baby clothes we got for her the other day as well... That child will never be in want for clothing... lolz

We didn't get much in the way of sleep today (duh...), so I'm going to kick back & read my book for a bit. Staffing looks like hell this morning, and I'm not excited to have to call so many people & beg them to work... bleh... Anywho! Hope y'all are having a great night, and I shall pop back by later. Zya!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my Sunday Sketch, and for your kind words. Sounds like you did a wonderful job with helping at the wedding.


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