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Thursday, May 06, 2010

What a lovely day!!!

The sun is out full blast! ^-^ After my tweak out last night, I feel a bit better. Britt's determined not to worry about it, as there's nothing to be done now but wait, and I'm going to do the same. I was hoping to post something on Beltane, but since I don't have any internet right now, I only get on here whilst at work. Anywho.

We had a marvelous Beltane, and I hope you all did too!
= D
We caught a ride with Reggie to her friend Kathy's house, where they usually meet. Kathy has the most amazingly magical yard & property! She has a space set aside for the circle, a Faery shrine and for Beltane, there was a full sized May pole! We had a blast dancing around it. ^-^ Along with Kathy, there was her husband Rick ( I think... I'm so bad with names...), her daughter Heather & her two children Bailey & Nora, Kathy's friend Linda, Reggie, myself & Britt. We had quite a nice time. Kathy led the ritual (and it was a very nice one) and then afterwards they had the kids & Britt & I hunt for eggs (like easter eggs, but better!!!) that were filled with chocolate, strings of beads, necklaces & polished stones. It was awesome. XD There were also little cinnamon dough ornaments with pentagrams carved into them that will shortly be hanging in my kitchen window as well as a string of three Chinese coins that I'm going to use in a money spell of some sort in the near future.
After the egg hunt, we sat around the fire and ate the tasty food we all brought (I made awesome fruit salad). We just hung out and talked for an hour or two... or three... and made some new and really wonderful friends. I can't wait to see them again. ^-^ It was the most wonderful experience & the warmest reception I've ever recieved from people who know me only through the description of someone else (who also doesn't know me very well... lolz). We recieved the high complement from Kathy that she felt like she already knew us. ^-^ As she grew up in Lynden, she did get a lot of things about us that most people just don't. After the initial nervousness of being around new people, we both felt like we were coming home to old friends. I'm suprememly happy and it's always nice to meet other people like me... sometimes I begin to wonder whether they do actually exist. O_o; They were all a refreshing reminder that I'm not alone.

Well then, I'm off to finish staffing & finish (start... whatever...) my paper as soon as I get home. Have a supremely lovely day y'all!

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