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Friday, May 07, 2010


I'm worn out. I'm so happy it's the weekend, and even though I have to work I get a break from school. I'm going to hang up the dark curtains today in our bedroom, so hopefully this will help me get some better sleep. Both Britt & I are having a difficult time getting good sleep. I think part of it is that our place still feels kind of like we're staying in a hotel. It doesn't feel quite like "home" yet, but we're working on that. It will just take some time. I'm making chicken for dinner tomorrow (later today... whatever), and I think I'll make sopapillas to go with it. Mmmm... fried bread...
Had to turn on some... peppy-er music. Damh the Bard was not helping to keep me awake. Perhaps Rob Zombie will do the trick... ^-^

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