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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Random Post to Pass the Time

Killing a bit of time before I make the calls for night shift for the ED... They get snippy if I call too early... We're off to Britt's parent's house this afternoon for lunch, as long as her migraine has left by the time we need to go. If not, she will remain in bed. Heating up leftover meatballs from last night's potluck. Nommy... sigh... I don't really want to go to the in-law's today, I'd rather stay home & just be with my honey. But as it's her birthday dinner/mother's day dinner, we kind of have to be there... Oh well. We have seven days off together coming up in two more days, so we'll get lots of miichy time then. ^-^

Mmmmmm... uber tasty meatballs... *munchmunchmunch...*

Snagged Britt some pizza last night, which she'll be happy to see when I get home, I'm sure. I'm so happy to be working nocs now! I so do NOT miss day shift. At all. Yeesh...


Called & talked to my mom & my grandma. I wish I could be out there with them. I miss my family so much... sigh...

Anywho... I'm outta here in an hour, or whenever Grace gets here... so until next time (i.e., tonight...), have a supremely miichy day everyone!

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