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Monday, May 10, 2010

More Randomness...

Angry about how non contract staff are treated at work... this emotion wrestling with the creativity that's pulsing through my veins (along with the massive amount of caffeine...), making me restless & itching to get home to play in my art supplies. To unpack my boxes & make my home... mine. Mine & Britt's. To paint, to craft, to cut & glue. To sing & dance. To play the instruments I wish I had (guitar, piano, violin... sigh...). To sew, to spin, to weave. I'm going to hang up the shelves for my shrine today. I'm going to clean my kitchen & air out my house (it smells like burnt popcorn still... ask Britty about this... lolz...) I don't ever want to sleep again, as sleep robs me of hours I could be doing other things... I want to quit my job & quit school... or at least go to school for something I like. Something I love. Nursing is not that something... a means to and end, that is all... sigh... But I will persevere. I will pass my classes & move onto the next ones. I will take a full class load this summer, giving up a chunk of my freedom now to ensure more (and better!) freedoms later... I can rest once I'm on the waiting list. Stay the path, Anna, keep going. You're almost finished...

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