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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So I've been avoiding doing my chemistry homework for... a while... -_-;
There are so many other things to do, most of them outside, no where near my text books. Sigh... So now I've got tonight & tomorrow to read four chapters, answer the questions for them, answer 50 questions in the "Putting it all together" section, and poke at my labs, all before my test at 1500... Sigh... why do I procrastinate? I've never understood this about myself. I don't do it at work, so why in the rest of my life? Meh... It's something I've been working against my entire life... waiting until the last minute... Oh well. At least I have several hours tonight still. I have a very good grade in the class too, so I'm optimistic about all this. I just don't wanna do it... I'd rather finish my book... or paint... or shampoo my shoelaces... O_o; Well then, I suppose I'll not procrastinate any further... lolz... and get onto my homework. Hope y'all are having a good night! ^-^

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