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Monday, May 10, 2010

Madd Tea Party!!!

IF you've never been to A Fanciful Twist's page, go there NOW. (clickety click on the italics...). She is amazing and wonderful and makes me want to go home and do nothing but give myself over completely to my artistic desires... ^-^

She's also the mistress of the 2010 Mad Tea Party!

Look!!! O_O A flyer!!!

As my bit of maddness will be at my house, and as I have a rather nice deck (sort of... ^-^), I thought it might be fun to invite others of like mindedness over and have a RL tea party!

So! I know of two people who are interested in coming, but if you read my blog, live close enough to come over in person, and want to dress up, drink tea, eat tasties, and attend a virtual tea party all at once, let me know! I'll give you directions to my humble abode, and we shall party!!!

(As a frame of reference, I live in Bellingham, Washington in the US...)

So! I would love to send out invites, so please let me know if you want one! Or two! Or more! = D The more the merrier... ^-^

I fully intend upon dressing up, along with Britt & our friends Heather & Lauren (who is bringing a slew of her BJDs, who will also be dressed up...), in something vaguely Victorian/EGL/I-just-escaped-the-asylum-again... lolz... Bloomers & a corset sound fun at the moment, and I think Lauren is coming in full EGL splendor...

Anywho! Let me know, my lovelies, for I would just love to have you (all of you!!!) there. ^-^

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  1. OF COURSE I WANT TO GO TO A TEA PARTY!...I may be dressed as a pirate...


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