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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life is Good! ^-^

So! As I said before, Marzel was sweet enough to bestow upon me the Life is Good award. ^-^

To accept the award, I must answer her list of questions, then choose six people to answer a list of my own questions.

1) Favorite Haunted/Horror/Sci F Movie?

I really love Shutter, but I think that it’s not too terribly scary… more of an awesome revenge movie… Hmmmmm… Pandorum kicked quite a bit of ass… See it! A Haunting in Connecticut is wonderful as well… Or maybe The Fog? The movie that’s scared my the most, however, is The Descent. I will NEVER, on pain of DEATH, go into a cave EVER again… O_O
Wait! I have it!!! Beyond the Wall of Sleep, based loosely off the H.P. Lovecraft story of the same name.

2) The most embarrassing thing to happen to you on Halloween?

I have never been embarrassed on Halloween… I love it. ALL of it. And it’s my anniversary… *Squee!!!*

3) Black or Orange?

Black AND Orange… striped… Preferably socks… or panties!!!

4) Have you seen/encountered a ghost?

Yes. When my partner & I were in high school, she went to our favourite graveyard & did some grave rubbings. They ended up in her closet, and she became convinced her room was haunted. Creepy stuff did happen, so she got rid of the rubbings, and then brought little offerings of coins, food, etc. to the graveyard to placate anyone she’d offended by taking something without leaving anything to begin with. About the same time, her little sister thought that her room might be haunted as well. She woke up screaming from a nightmare one night, having dreamt that a terrifying old woman had been clawing her way onto the bed from the bottom, and when Britt & I got in there and flipped on the light, it indeed looked like someone had been clawing their way up. I think she ended up sleeping in our bed for the rest of the night. The next day, I told her to take down the mirror she had facing the window, as I’d just finished reading that a mirror facing a door or a window can create a portal for entities from other planes to come through. She moved the mirror, and seemed to have no more problems, even though she took to sleeping downstairs on the living room couch… lolz…

5) How would you feel about me if I became a man?

I would still adore you. What does gender have to do with things anyways??? You would still be you… you wouldn’t be able to help it! ^-^ No matter what a person’s outsides consist of, their insides, what makes them them, doesn’t depend on body parts.

6) One scary, dark, spooky thing you are planning on doing before you die?

I plan to get into an abandoned asylum a bit south of here & take pictures… meep…

Alrighty… and here’s my questions, to be answered by:

Hell Muffin

Zedral Z

Tim DeBoer



luna petunia


1. What book(s) are you reading right now?

2. What is your preferred crafting medium (if you have one…)?

3. Is there a book, movie, conversation etc. that has impacted your way of thinking so profoundly that your entire world view has changed? (And what is it if yes…)

4. If you could make a living doing what you love best, what would that be?

5. Favorite carbonated beverage? (Energy drinks count!!!)

6. Have you ever read anything by Chuck Palahniuk? (if not, go grab Fight Club, sit down & read it!)


Out with it!