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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I'm going to Rage...

I should be doing research for my paper right now. Yes, the paper that was due yesterday. Instead, I'm so angry, I can't focus on anything at the moment. Britt got stuck by a dirty needle the other day in the midst of a take down. Come to find out today that the patient has hepatitis C. I am upset about this. I am angry, however, that the take down even became necessary. It wouldn't have been had the idiot RN just given the patient some medication when he began to freak out. He was a mental health pt., it's not his fault he was freaking out. He couldn't help it. The medication isn't a punishment, it's used to keep not only the staff safe from violent patients, but also to keep the patient safe from themselves, should it come to that. This nurse is an idiot & several staff have been injured because of her. I'm not a fan of medicating just for the hell of it. HOWEVER, there is a time and place. We won't know for sure whether she's contracted anything for about 6 mos (lots of blood tests during these months) unless she exhibits symptoms before then. I am scared and I am enraged. I want this nurse's head on a pike. Hep C is a death sentence. A drawn out one, but still.

Oh, and one of the best parts? The hospital wanted Britt to sign away her right to worker's comp. Ha.


I'm frustrated because no matter how many times this stupid nurse has fucked up and gotten someone else injured, SHE DOESN'T GET IN TROUBLE. No write ups, no suspensions, no investigations into her incompetency... NOTHING. I'm so fed up. So angry.

I feel brain dead and numb. I was hoping this would help get things off my chest, but I still can't focus. Still can't make myself do research to write this stupid paper. I want to go curl into a ball and cry. I want justice without mercy. I want my Britty to be ok.

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  1. I will be keeping my fingers crossed (and thinking positive energy thoughts) for good test results.

    Yes, they should investigate...risk management should be all over that shit.

    and really? They wanted her to sign away her workers comp? WTF?


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