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Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Day...

I'm in a pretty good mood today... Yay! I got some good sleep this morning (for once...) and have been up for a few hours. I planted some plants, I'm in process on doing laundry & the dishes, I read a bit on the porch and am now getting ready to finish in the kitchen, then make a grocery list & go buy some food... Macha chilled on the porch with me today, getting potting soil & bits of tree all in her fur... lolz... She was supremely happy however, so I don't think she minded ^-^

Our Mayhem Fest tickets arrived today... I'm so excited to see Rob Zombie, I could just explode... I. Love. Him.

Anywho... Off to finish my list of things to do, and perhaps get my shelves for my kitchen shrine hung (no, I still haven't done that yet... meh...)

Hope all of you are having a lovely day, and I hope that Ohio U gives a certain kitchen Witch a call with some good news very soon!!! =D

Until later... Zya!

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  1. Sounds like you had a day like mine... all though the sleep part... I swear as I have gotten older I sleep less!

    My camera is just a stop and shoot~

    I'm so glad my photos make you feel good!

    Unfortunately I haven't dolls for months now...

    Maybe in my future~: )


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