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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Britt & I had an awesome weekend (saved for another post...)! We did some cleaning today, and even though we're still not completely unpacked, our place feels better. I baked two more loaves of bread, and am going to bake two more. One of cheesy bread & one of cinnamon swirl bread (nommy!!!). The two plain loaves are cooling & the cheese & cinnamon loaves are busy rising. ^-^ My house smells soooooooo good! =D
We have our current fav incense burning, Britt's playing with our new acrylic paint colors (and the effects of dripping water), Birthday Massacre is playing & I'm getting ready to poke at some watercolor tutorials... I finally got a starter set of them today! I'm so excited. I've been wanting to try this medium, and now I'm finally going to! W00t.
Heather's going to stop by on her lunch break & I shall feed her bread & honey (we got lavender & cranberry honey this weekend!)
We've had such a wonderful weekend & past two days... This is what life is supposed to be like... wonderful & happy... Miich. ^-^
Well then, off to get the bread into the oven! Hope everyone's having as lovely a night as we are! ^-^

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